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XCMG 26m Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ26S - 4 Pages

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XCMG 26m Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ26S

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cn«s:>V ; PP|Bj;i PRODUCT INTRODUCTION UStTgiSKHa*;    «Dg The straight boom aerial work platform at the elevation of 26 meters developed by XCMG is self-equipped with a small-sized fly jib, thus having a certain capacity in obstacle crossing, and being stretchable to any inaccessible position; the double-load control system may automatically adjust the operating radius as the loads may be, which will satisfy the different demands of the users on different loads. It is an ideal choice for users engaged in building construction, bridges, steel structures and installation & construction both...

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O mi*-#—mmmm® We are different —Operatin site of lounge bridge of airport 0 m 14 14m crank arm platform is working in a large stadium in Guangzhou XCMG AWP assists the construction of China’ s largest high-tech industry project of foreign investment Assistance in Xuzhou high-speed rail station 0 rwesf/Mis Baiyun Airport construction of Guangzhou Construction of overpass A new production base 3 of Laoganma in Qiannan, Guiyang, Guizhou Province 0    GTBZ14J    2 XCMG new generation GTBZ14J is assisting the construction of #2 subway in Qingdao Scissor fork platforms are working for...

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100 XCMG AWPs assist the construction of China’ s largest integrated circuit base XCMG AWP powers the new airport construction in Beijing 0    n ftH!41 SU)* XCMG AWP assists the construction of a beautiful China XCMG aerial operation platform is praised during its first show in Guangxi ©    rm a mmmmiz The three brothers of XCMG aerial operation platform are assisting the construction of Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou Assistance in large national base construction — Zhongke Refinery and Petrochemical Construction Base O Business complex construction in Gongzhufeng area of Beijing

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