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XCMG 25Ton Series Truck Crane Construction - 6 Pages

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XCMG 25Ton Series Truck Crane Construction

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For more complete information on XCMG products,dealer services and industry solutions, visit us on the web at XCMG XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS V/ 25 TONNAGESERIES TRUCK CRANE

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Dodecagonal boom with four segmi QY25K-II Dodecagonal boom with four segments Single-cylinder luffing, double winches Guided pilot control Manual mechanical control Enhanced performance and quality assurance with five technology highlights. Enhanced performance, better quality, ease of use, easy maintenance, with greater energy efficiency and environmental protection. Highlight I: Enhanced Performance The optimized machine layout reduces stress on major bearing components, resulting in a lifting performance that surpasses other similar products in the industry. A telescopic mechanism is...

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25 TONNAGE Series Truck Crane

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Series Truck Crane QY25B.5 Total lifting loads for booms ^ Lifting performance table for QY25K's primary boom Fully extended outrigger with boom at the side or rear; fully extended outrigger with the 5th leg at 360 degree swing Working radius (m) Half-extended boom Half-extended boom Half-extended boom Half-extended boom Fully extended boom Fully extended horizontal outrigger without the 5th outrigger, boom at the side or the rear, or with the 5th outrigger at 360 swing. UftngLca) MwtamrcffeLftngHeigM (kg) (° )    (m) URngLcat MaPcana-gtjlftogHeigtt LfirgLoad ktanDoran^eLitlrig Hteghi...

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• The rated lifting load listed in the table is the max. value allowed (including the weight of the hook block and other slings). The working radius is the actual value, which includes the boom deformation. Wind pressure is at 125N/m3; lifting operation is still permissible under the condition of wind level 5 • The total rated load is the max. lifting capacity for the boom head without the secondary boom. When the secondary arm is attached on the boom head, the weight of the secondary boom should be reduced from the total load ratings for the boom. • The tables above are only for reference....

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Series Truck Crane QY25K-II Total lifting load for primary boom Weight of hook block    250kg

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