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XCMG 1.8Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE15U - 4 Pages

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XCMG 1.8Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE15U

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JTCMG XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XE15U®®gistnXE1SII HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR mi Main Specifications ffl-# Model    UOM    Parameters IfifEKm Operating weight    Kg    1795 Model    UOM #S Parameters Outline dimension Model ■lift Direct injection 4/4i?I Four stroke 7j<;§ Water-cooling jgftSg Turbo_ SIS Number of cylinders SS5eIW Rated power SkJzW&^tiA Maximum torque / speed SB Displacement A Total length    mm B Sljg Total width    mm C Total height    mm D ft n Sift Table width    mm E JSffi/SSS Overall width of chassis    mm FI ttSEi Gauge    mm I BBSitefajES Counterweight clearance    mm J SfERjifeiSlIS Minimum ground clearance    mm tt±r (jS/RI ) Dozer (width / height)    mm Main performance Walking speed    km/h    3.9/1.9 tmtm Ground pressure    kPa    28.5 Bucket digging force    kN    16 iKES® Flydraulic system Main pump    /    / ±?R$S!5E»itM Main pump rated flow    L/min    56.8 ±$4|S||Ii] Main safety valve pressure    MPa    21.6 fj^SIStgltl Travel system pressure    MPa    21.6 0ftRStg;tl Rotary system pressure    MPa    11 Pilot system pressure    MPa    3.9 IffiBlI Scope of work A sbtftiffiiBl# Max. mining height    mm    3475 B jfcWSicKfi Max unloading height    mm    2415 C SbtSffijjSJt Max., mining depth    mm    2290 D JIAIilBSfiSfi Max. vertical mining depth    mm    1750 G JMW'M°]ft¥& Min. turning radius    mm    620 Max. lifting height of soil    mm    260 Max. digging depth    of dozer mm    180 tain Standard KlftlSifS Boom length    mm    1828 Oil capacity KiSfiSfR Fuel tank capacity    L    17 jSESiSfiSfR Flydraulic tank volume    L    18 WPWLSW&RTIMWaffi, STFStTM® Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notice •    Bucket Capacity ( m3) : 0.04• flfEJM Operation Weight ( kg ) : 1705 •    Rated net power ( kW/rpm ) : 0.8/2300

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V/ KCMG XE1SII HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR MlSIiSsIWS More energy-conservation and environmental protection More efficient return sb*aa,    ruhss, m^ma XE15U hydraulic excavator uses a mechanical injection oil engine with national III emission standards and has characteristics of strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection, high reliability and excellent performance. swiypiiitio    rt rt^W3=«®09ffi*i. Tailless design for a turning radius ensures that the XE15U hydraulic excavator will not touch obstacles at the tail in narrow working conditions. Working devices can be deflected...

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03 V/ IjrCMG XE15U HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR XE15Ui®J£!£fl£Hl EfliffliSSStSl, 3M*, A four-point supporting shed that meets safety standards is used for the cab, and widens the driver's horizon while ensures the shed's strength. Seats are configured with standard safety belts, improving driver's working security. Parts with high stress, such as boom and arm, are locally strengthened, and corresponding structure is adjusted and stress is dispersed. Therefore, the service life is increased. Working pipelines and wiring harness can be well protected by being internally installed in the boom and the...

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Uik, Customization Convenient repair and maintenance JnAtin^t/l^ %ffifPs!j7KfiMSfPJP;i SIS®. After left-rear and rear hoods are opened, the diesel filter, the oil filter, the oil-water separator, and the air filter can be checked and maintained conveniently. Engine oil, starting motor, storage battery and auxiliary water tank can be conveniently checked and oil or water can be easily filled. JSStefi&JSfcSEzKcu t/Ufififc'fiCk ?tij±;ssr;s□ s    n Efc'MtoKo Oil or water can be easily discharged through anti-freezing solution outlet, engine oil outlet, hydraulic oil outlet, and diesel outlet...

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