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XCMG 175 KW Crawler Bulldozer TY230 - 4 Pages

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XCMG 175 KW Crawler Bulldozer TY230

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XCMG XCMG E-Commerce Inc. For more complete information on XCMG products,dealer services and industry solutions, visit us on the web at KCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS ±m SERIES BULLDOZER

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OThe machine features reasonable layout, excellent performance and advanced technology. OHigher engine power reserves efficiency, bigger torque output, lower fuel consumption, while better reliability. OHydraulicly controlled drive, automatically speed regulating and non-stop gear shifting. OThe final drive uses triangle Spline and tip relief, crowned gear drive to enhance the balance and the stability of the load of transmission Part. OThe novel hexahedral cab offers excellent visibility, the powerful ventilation and unparalleled dust-free. **aa mm&m PROFESSIONAL POWER, BEST QUALITY...

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£^#1 ENGINE ^ Model SW Type JltB/IWr NT855-C280 ■?ij> eg#®, 7j«#> PTSPfW> Straight vertical, four-stroke, water-cooling, PT pump injection, turbocharged 175 SSi/MSiS (r/min)Rated speed (r/min) SlSt-fagxfTStmm) Number of cylindereborexstroke (mm) Starting method Wtm Battery en»*iSAircleaner £«»>'B«$(g/kw-h) Min fuel consumption ratio(min) 24V(12Vx2) Dry horizontal type with precleaner 218 WORK EQUIPMENT ftStiSIS TRANSMISSION Torque converter Jffcbt&JfM Blade type ]£x;5(mm) Width x Height (mm) Jft^:Jfi?ffiJx(mm) Max.lift above ground (mm) K^tJI±^Jx(mm) Max.drop belowground (mm) JI jntUHMO...

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JSSMH ENGINE J#BB«rNT855-C280 eg^gv 7jo#> PTSPfW> Straight vertical, four-stroke, water-cooling, PT pump injection, turbocharged SSSSfftkW) Rated power(kW)    175 iS (r/min)Rated speed (r/min) $I|8t-S6lS><ftg (mm) Number of cylindemtorexstrcke (mm) Starting method Usfeitfe Battery it Air cleaner    -Fit.TKTS.^SE^LP&LtiHT Dry horizontal type with precleaner Min fuel consumption ratio(min) TRANSMISSION Torque converter 3-element, single-stage, single-phase Gearbox    Planetary gear, multiple-disc dutch, hydraulic actuated, farced lubrication by gear pump, 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds...

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