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XCMG 120Ton Electric Drive Dump Truck XDE130 - 5 Pages

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XCMG 120Ton Electric Drive Dump Truck XDE130

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KCMG ia. XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XDE130%ftib@sp$ XDE130 ELECTRIC DRIVE DUMP TRUCK mi Main Specifications Item Unit    Parameter RTt#St Dimension If/liHS: Overall Truck Length SHfTtlSiifl? Max. vehicle speed Rated power Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notice 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008 • SKeD® Payload (kg) : 120000 •    Rated Power (kW/rpm) : 800/1800•    Max Gradeability (%) : 20

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PAGE 01 XCMG XDE130 ELECTRIC DRIVE DUMP TRUCK XDE130«1fsJ]S2P$ HIGH PRODUCTIVITY ra'IS High Performance Engine niBisieias. «saasnt», a*js*ne; fi*ssRraKnisfifintr«iiftttM,    mimm •    Advanced Drive Control Strategy XCMG has developed the drive control technology of independent intellectual property rights, including adhesion control, anti-slip drive, drive power steering adaptation, anti-slip slope control, electronic differential, and etc., all these technologies can reduce tire wearing and extend tire service life. • Loading ®130^H$^$rT®a«IXE2800E;fgJ±}Sffit/lgigXDE130, This 130-ton...

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XDE130 ELECTRIC DRIVE DUMP TRUCK XDE130«1fsJ]S2P$ •    Parking brake Spring loading, hydraulic release. • El^Ost] Emergency brake Simultaneous function of the hydraulic brake and the electric brake. m&mmmti, T«iaa®#{R»iso345os#Ki85%o Superior braking ability, the downhill braking distance is only 85% as per to ISO3450 requirements. Vehicle monitor system Vehicle running data and fault alarm project adopts touch LCD display and control instrument display mode. A large color monitor improves availability and allows easy navigation between different screens. REiSUdiSiit Explosion-proof design...

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XDE130 ELECTRIC DRIVE DUMP TRUCK XDE130«1fsjlS2P$ •    Suspension With four oil- gas ratio variable nitrogen / cylinder, slow haul road and loading impact and prolong the life of frame. mmm, emmwma The front suspension adopts a stiffness-variable independent candle-type front suspension symmetrical on the left and right sides to ensure reliable wheel alignment as well as steady and comfortable riding, and which is able to fit changes of the load and road conditions, absorb impacts rapidly, attenuate vibration and ultimately ensure smooth driving. -h .    , ssff*bssstfa rjwmpmmp „ The rear...

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XDE13D ELECTRIC DRIVE DUMP TRUCK XDE130«ftaeffllS iifTOfl EASY MAINTENANCE Automatic lubrication system @»i, m&mm*. Controlled amount of lubricant is delivered timely to lube points, reducing service time and costs. Quick refueling system ^£^ra«am'st*iiin;±n, &mm, g^sstto Quick refueling ports are distributed on both sides of the frame for quickly refueling, access to the ground, easy to operate. iioeOPTIONAL •    Weighing system This system can automatically record the loading weight, loading progress and other relevant data to help users accurately monitor equipment production. •    mi...

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