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XCMG 100m³ Electric Drive Water Cart XDE100S - 5 Pages

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XCMG 100m³ Electric Drive Water Cart XDE100S

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>XCMG ia% XCMG FOR YOUR SUCCESS XDE100S ®fea®j<sXDE100S ELECTRIC DRIVE WATER CART IS5E Item Weight Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)_kg_189000 e5#e$B Empty vehicle weight    kg    89000 zbts&M. Power Train sam,^ Engine/    MTU16V2000C22 Tierli i£lK Optional/ Cummins QSK38 Tierli *aMb£R_ated powerkW/rpm    899/1800 Item    ^MS Unit #-8S Parameter Driving Performance SstTiiilfg Max. vehicle speed    km/h    50 S'MfSfHg Min, turning diameterm22 MAIltEttE® Max.gradeability    %    20 XfWSr Working Parameter iiik^ii Sprinkling vehicle speed    Km/h    5-20 Centrifugal pump head    m    90 Water sprinkling volume    L/m2    0,4-1.0 ftiHiSH Sprinkling width    m    15-30 toiBBg Sprinkling mileagekm5-15 Maximum range of water monitor    m    60 fSIJSM Service Capacities RSajg Fuel tank    L    1200 jfSEiEMS Hydraulic tank    L    650 SEitflSte;® (ia) Motor gear box (each)    L    50 tKSSJS Water tank zkfi&SiSSfP Water tank capacity    ms    100 Materials and specifications may be changed at any time without prior notke MEsflRSc Electric Drive System 3E8JSS Transmission Mode; SEiffiffitf®    / XCMG AC electric drive Kiitfc Reduction Ratio    /    33.67:1 5th Floor, Block C-l-C, No.6 Software Park Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China 221008 • SiSjE^IR Water Tank Capacity (m3) : 100 • Sliss#]^ Rated Power (kW/rpm) : 899/1803 •    Max Gradeability (%) : 20

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XDE1 DOS ELECTRIC DRIVE WATER CART XDE100Sfifi5fliB7j<$ •    Advanced Drive Control Strategy XCMG has developed the drive control technology of independent intellectual property rights, including adhesion control, anti-slip drive, drive power steering adaptation, anti-slip slope control, electronic differential, and etc., all these technologies can reduce tire wearing and extend tire service life. Electronic control diesel engine provides good fuel economy and sufficient power. It equips with the advanced modular common rail fuel system, delivering the high combustion efficiency, low...

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XDE1 DOS ELECTRIC DRIVE WATER CART XDE100SiS{iEfliB7j<$ •    Parking brake SMiralS, Spring loading, hydraulic release • SRSiiHSb Emergency brake Simultaneous function of the hydraulic brake and the electric brake. mimmthmti, T*»jaE*fi»iso3450B*Ki85%. Vehicle monitor system ARTfS^feM^P,    EMUS, Vehicle running data and fault alarm project adopts touch LCD display and control instrument display mode. A large color monitor improves availability and allows easy navigation between different screens. PSSflpiSit Explosion-proof design , JlllPS^Pf The cab uses a composite structure with the bottom...

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XDE1 DOS ELECTRIC DRIVE WATER CART XDE100S^f5fliS7jc$ The water tank is made of high-quality, low alloy and high-strength steel plate, having good strength and impact toughness.The interior is brushed with acid and alkali-resistant poly urethane anti-rust paint In the water tank, there are baffling water boards to improve the stability of the water truck, the partition plate is also designed with a variety of diversion holes and inspection manhole, so as to ensure the normal flow of water and convenient maintenance.The tank construction is rigid and compact, having low center of gravity and...

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XDE1 QOS ELECTRIC DRIVE WATER CART XDE100Sfifi5fliB7j<$ •    Illuminating System • RBMRSS^ffJfciLEDJlT.Saf**!. *$IpIH\    4?$*T, ® $*]\ gffXjeSds. The lighting system is made up of headlamps, steering lamps, clearance lamps, parking lights, reversing lights and maintenance lights, etc. 7S1§3<o The lighting and warning lamps are reasonably located, able to meet lighting and warning requirements in all kinds of weather conditions during working. • £{fcU«MEgffi*)DC 24Vo Control and working voltage: 24V (DC). •    Safety Device iP^Wo The cab is equipped with three-point seat belt, escape...

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