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Truck Crane XCT80

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KCT80 Truck Crane Characteristics and advantages of XCT80 product XCT80 Truck Crane is an efficient, economic and applicable product newly developed by XuZhou Construction Machinery Group. It uses 4-axle special purpose vehicle chassis, 10-speed transmission, full coverage table design, 5-section U-shaped boom, 2-section truss-type jib, combined counterweight, front swinging outrigger and rear telescopic outrigger, which can realize 360° full circle swinging operations. It adopts pilot liquid proportional control, and has good micro operation characteristics. The crane has wide operating...

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(Subject to technical improvement) Main technical data in crane operation state lifting performance table Boom lifting performance table (full-extend outrigger 7.9m, counterweight 11.5t) (In the table, lifting load is in Kg while boom length and radius is in meter) Category    Item    Unit Parameter Full-extend outrigger 7.9m, counterweight 11.5t, in units of t, °and m Minimum rated lifting load Minimum rated working radius    m Turning radius at swing table tail (auxiliary winch location) Lifting load    Angle    Height    Lifting load    Angle    Height    Lifting...

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Lifting Height Curve Total rated lifting load for jib of XCT80 Truck Crane (Counterweight 11.5t) Total rated lilting load for jib (counterweight 11.5t, full extend outrigger 7.9m), in t Operation range of Outrigger Operational area drawing of full-extend outrigger Note 1: The rated lifting load shown in the table means the maximum lifting load that the crane can ensure when it is set on flat and firm ground. Note 2: The rated lifting load in the table includes the weight of lifting hook and sling. Instructions ► In the table, the boom length and radius is in meters, and the lifting load is...

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