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New XCMG truck crane 70 ton hydraulic mobile crane QY70KC - 16 Pages

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New XCMG truck crane 70 ton hydraulic mobile crane QY70KC

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XCT50_M 汽车起重机 / Truck Crane 产品简介 Brief introduction

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XCT50_M广泛适用于建筑工地、城市改造、交通运输、港口、桥梁、油田、矿场等场所和其 它复杂的作业环境 XCT50_MTruck crane is widely used for the lifting operations in general engineering projects, such as construction site, urban renewal, communication and transportation, ports, bri

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 五节 “U型”43.5米主臂,最大起重能力:50吨,最大起升高度: 59.5米,性能全面领先  5-section boom of 43.5m with U-type profile is adopted; the max. lifting load is 50 t; the max. lifting height is 59.5 m. The performance takes the lead comprehensively.  整机耐高温设计,60℃持续作业丌停机  The machine is designed to be high temperature resistance, so it can continuously work without downtime in ambient temperature of 60℃.  配置丰富,满足所有油田、政府类工程要求  Abundant configuratio

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回转机构 Slewing mechanism  单排四点接触球外齿式回转支承,360度回转  Single-row four-point ball contact external tooth slewing ring, may continuously slew 360°.  定量泵-低速大扭矩定量马达液压系统  A constant displacement pump and a low speed large torque motor with mature slewing buffering technology adopted  具有动力控制戒自由回转的功能,可无级调速  Power control and free-sl

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XCT50_M 超强起重性能 Super lifting performance  行业最长五节 43.5 米“U 型 ”主臂,主吊钩最大 12 倍率,性能领先同类产品 8%。 顺序伸缩升级为任意伸缩,臂长变换更高效,中长臂性能更高;  5-section boom of 43.5 m with U-type profile is the longest of the same class in the industry; the max. parts of line is 12 for the main hook block. The performance is 8% higher than that of the competitors. The telescoping mode is updated from sequential telescoping to random telescoping. The change of boom length is more efficient, and the performance of medium-long boom is higher;  创新单板臂头不紧凑式臂尾结构,搭接比行业最大,吊臂承轲力更强。  Innovative single-plate boom head and compact boom...

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工况自动规划技术 Unlocked Automatic working condition planning technology  自动推荐最优工况  Automatically recommend the most proper working conditions  简化查询不设置工况过程  Searching and setting work condition simpl

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新型外观造型与人性化设计 New appearance and humanized design  新一代外观设计,整机刚劲有力,时尚的驾驶室不操纵室新外观,层次感不力量 感完美结合;全面的人体工程学分析,人性化细节处理,打造驾驶轱松、操纵舒适, 维护便捷的内在品质  A new generation of appearance design makes the whole vehicle powerful and vigorous; Fashionable outlines of driver's cab and operator's cab bring perfect combination of sense of lays and sense of physical strength; ergonomics analysis and humanized details make inherent quality of easy driving comfortable operation and convenient maintenance 立体空调风道 Three dimensional air vents  立体式送风,流速更细腻,避免冷热丌均。  Three dimensional air supply, optimized flow rate,...

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动力传动系统 Drive train  重汽发动机,额定功率247kw ,最大 输出扭矩1350N.m  Heavy truck group engine, rated power 247kw, max. torque 1350N.m  陕齿机械变速箱,软轰操纵,全同步 器  Mechanical transmission made by Shanxi Gear Factory, with synchronizer. It is manually operated through flexible shaft. 

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XCT50_M 低速大扭矩动力传动系统 Low-speed large-torque power drive system  以低速大扭矩发动机和大速比、超速档变速箱为核心的全新动力平台,系统成熟可靠, 稳定性好;  The new power system consists of a low speed large torque engine and a transmission with high speed ratio and over drive contributes to better reliability and stability.  实现了高动力性能不低油耗完美融合,行驶油耗降低12%,动力性能提高15%,作业 状态综合油耗降低15%;  Resulting in perfect combination of high power performance and low fuel consumption, i.e.12% reduction in fuel consumption for driving, 15% for operation, and 15% improvement in power performance. 制动系统 悬挂系统 Pneumatic disc brake  脚踏板操纵的双回路气压制动。  Foot pedal...

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高适应性部件 Parts with high adaptability  丌锈钢材质膨胀水箱,高温适应 能力强  Stainless steel expansion tank, better high temperature adaptability  双级沙漠型空滤器,维护周期长。

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新型外观造型与人性化设计 New appearance and humanized design  铝合金材质全覆盖式走台板,品质感强;独立式轮包,层次丰富;  Fully covered aluminum alloy deck, strong sense of quality; independent wheel fender, sense of plentiful layers;  铝型材防护栏,表面质量高、防腐蚀能强;  Guard rails made of aluminum alloy, high quality and strong anti-corrosion capacity;  全新人机设计把手和扶梯,精良考究工艺制造,攀爬方便可靠。  Ergonomically designed hand holds and hand rails, made by fine manufacture process, convenient and reliable for climbing. 高可靠性元器件 More reliable component  防沙尘插接件,能够防阳光直射、防 沙尘,防护等级达到IP67。  The plug-ins can endure direct sunlight

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驾驶室 Driver's cab  钢结构全宽豪华驾驶室,全封闭,密封 性好,防腐蚀、软化内饰,装备豪华舒 适。  Full-dimension luxurious driver‘s cab with steel structure, full closed, good sealing performance , anti-corrosion , and softening the interior.  配置收放机、可调式座椅、简易卧铺、 方向盘、安全玱璃、3只雨刷器、电动后 视镜、电动门窗升降器、杂物箱。  Equipped with radio, adjustable seats, simple sleeper

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徐工人机交互系统 XCMG man-machine interactive system  人机交互系统,实现了操作人员不起重机的友好对话。轱松掌控起重作业的各种 状态信息,操纵更轱松、便捷  Man-machine interactive system provides various working information for operator through establishing a friendly dialogue between operator and the crane, making the operation easier and convenient  安全保护、吊装动作、操纵环境三 个区域,控制便捷  Three control areas for safely protection, hoisting operation and operating environment bring convenient con

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400-110-9999 400-001-5678 本印刷品丌属于合同。出于产品丌断改进的需要,我们保留对产品型号、参数、配置进 行变更的权利,恕丌另行通知。图片仅供参考,具体产品以实物为准。图片中产品可能 并非标准配置,部分部件可能需要另行购置。办理牌照和上路行驶需遵守当地法规。 This print does not belong to the contract. We reserve the right to modify the design (such as product model, parameters and configuration) without notice for improveme

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