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New XCMG truck crane 100 ton hydraulic mobile jib crane XCT100(G1) - 16 Pages

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New XCMG truck crane 100 ton hydraulic mobile jib crane XCT100(G1)

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XCT100 汽车起重机 / Truck Crane 产品简介 Brief introduction

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XCT100广泛适用于建筑工地、城市改造、交通运输、港口、桥梁、油田、矿场等场所和其它 复杂的作业环境 XCT100 Truck crane is widely used for the lifting operations in general engineering projects, such as construction site, urban renewal, communication and transportation, ports, b

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 六节 “U型”64米主臂,最大起重能力:100吨,最大起升高度:92.6米, 最大工作半径:62米,性能全面领先  6-section boom of 64 m with U-type profile is adopted; the max. lifting load is 100 t; the max. lifting height is 92.6 m; the max. working radius is 62 m; The performance takes the lead comprehensively.  低速大扭矩动力系统,实现最佳动力与最优经济性的完美结合,综合燃油消 耗降低12%以上,爬坡能力提高10%以上  Low speed large torque power transmission system, contributes to perfect combination of optimal power and optimal economical efficiency, leading to more than 12% reduction in fuel consumption and 10% improvement in grade ability.  国内首款适时四驱汽车起重机,满足各种路况需求。底盘后轴液控随动转向...

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回转机构 Slewing mechanism  单排四点接触球外齿式回转支承,360度回转  Single-row four-point ball contact external tooth slewing ring, may continuously slew 360°.  定量泵-低速大扭矩定量马达液压系统  A constant displacement pump and a low speed large torque motor with mature slewing buffering technology adopted  具有动力控制或自由回转的功能,可无级调速  Power control and free-s

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XCT100 超强起重性能 Super lifting performance  行业最长六节 64 米“U 型 ”主臂,主吊钩最大 12 倍率,性能领先同类产品 15%, 新型单缸插销伸缩机构,伸缩可靠性更高;  6-section boom of 64m with U-type profile is the longest of the same class in the industry; the max. parts of line is 12 for the main hook block. The performance is 15% higher than that of the competitors. New single-cylinder pinning telescoping system brings higher telescoping reliability;  创新单板臂头与紧凑式臂尾结构,搭接比行业最大,吊臂承载力更强。  Innovative single-plate boom head and compact boom tail structure, best overlapping ratio in its class and stronger boom load-bearing capacity; Hoisting...

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动力传动系统 Drive train  潍柴发动机,额定功率316kw ,最大 输出扭矩2060N.m  Weichai engine, rated power 316kw, max. torque 2060N.m  自动变速箱  Automatic transmission; steady and reliable.  最高车速90Km/h,最

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XCT100 低速大扭矩动力传动系统 Low-speed large-torque power drive system  以低速大扭矩发动机和大速比、超速档变速箱为核心的全新动力平台,驱动性能 强,承载能力高,稳定性好;  The new power system consists of a low speed large torque engine and a transmission with high speed ratio and over drive contributes to strong driving performance, high load-bearing capacity and better stability.  实现了高动力性能与低油耗完美融合,行驶油耗降低12%,动力性能提高15%, 作业状态综合油耗降低15%;  Resulting in perfect combination of high power performance and low fuel consumption, i.e.12% reduction in fuel consumption for driving, 15% for operation, and 15% improvement in power performance. 短途转场 Drive for...

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工况自动规划技术 Automatic working condition planning technology  自动推荐最优工况  Automatically recommend the most proper working conditions  简化查询与设置工况过程  S

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XCT100 后桥随动转向及四桥驱动技术 Rear follow-up steering and four-axle drive technology  底盘后轴液控随动转向技术,实现公路行驶及小转弯两种转向模式,保证整车高 速行驶稳定可靠,低速行驶机动灵活;  Chassis rear hydraulic controlled follow-up steering technology, realizate highway and small turning two steering modes, ensure stable and reliable of vehicle at high speed, travelling at lower speed is flexible.  国内首款适时四驱汽车起重机,三桥、四桥驱动形式自由切换,底盘行驶更灵活, 通过能力更强,满足各种路况需求;  China's timely four-wheel drive truck crane, three-axle drive and four-axle can free switch, chassis driving are more flexible with stronger go-through ability, meet the demand of various road...

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Outrigger pressure detection function  实时监控支腿受力情况,作业稳 定性不足或超出支腿压力设定范 围时紧急报警,防止翻车事故的 发生  Enables to detect outrigger pressure in real time. When the operation stability is insufficient or actual outrigger pressure

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新型外观造型与人性化设计 New appearance and humanized design  新一代外观设计,整机刚劲有力,时尚的驾驶室与操纵室新外观,层次感与力 量感完美结合;全面的人体工程学分析,人性化细节处理,打造驾驶轻松、操纵 舒适,维护便捷的内在品质  A new generation of appearance design makes the whole vehicle powerful and vigorous; Fashionable outlines of driver's cab and operator's cab bring perfect combination of sense of lays and sense of physical strength; ergonomics analysis and humanized details make inherent quality of easy driving comfortable operation and convenient maintenance 新型电控支腿操纵面板 New electric-controlled outrigger control panel 无线配重挂接(选装) Wireless counterweight erection...

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 主驾气悬浮座椅,自动调节高度  An air-floating seat designed for the driver is automatically adjustable in height  副驾双座椅,可展开为简易卧铺  A double-seat designed for the co-driver may be used as a berth for rest.  标配冷暖空

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XCT100 徐工人机交互系统 XCMG man-machine interactive system  行业首发,用轿车级别的人机交互系统,实现了操作人员与车辆的友好对话。轻 松掌控车辆行驶、起重作业的各种状态信息,操纵更轻松、便捷  First launched in the industry man-machine interactive system with the level of a car achieves friendly conversation between operator and crane. Information of every state in driving and lifting operation is administered easily which makes operation easilier and more convenient. 操纵室 Operator’s cab  全人机工学工作空间设计,作业更舒 适,安全  Ergonomically designed working space makes operation safer and more comfortable  10.4寸真彩色触摸屏  10.4 inch color touch screen displays  20

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