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New XCMG Rough Terrain Crane 70 ton hydraulic mobile crane XCR70 - 18 Pages

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New XCMG Rough Terrain Crane 70 ton hydraulic mobile crane XCR70

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XCR70 越野轮胎起重机 / Rough Terrain Crane 产品简介 Brief introduction

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XCR70广泛应用于油田建设、矿山施工、建筑施工、 路桥建设、工矿企业等作业场所。 XCR70 is widely used for lifting operations in o

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XCR70徐工G一代越野轮胎起重机 四大创新技术平台,打造超高性能、绿色节能、高效智能的吊重新利器 XCMG G1 generation rough terrain crane XCR70 is designed with four innovative technologies integrated to create an ultra high performance, gree

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XCR70 超高性能 High performance  五节45m行业最长主臂,加装副臂后最大臂长可达61m,臂长和起重性能行业领先。  5-section boom of 45 m is the longest in the industry, the length of boom and jib can reach 61 m after jib is installed. Boom length and lifting capacity take the lead in the industry.  大排量双变量柱塞泵匹配徐工专利技术的合流阀,起重作业效率提升13%,作业效率行业领先。  Large displacement dual-variable plunger pump with confluent main valve adopting XCMG patented technology integrated, leads to improvement by 13% in operation efficiency, which takes the lead in the industry.  大功率发动机+低速大扭矩的液力变矩传动系统,加速性能提升10%, 高车速40 km/h,最大爬坡能力70%,最小转弯...

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科技智能 Science and technology intelligence  专有的行车安全主动保护技术,针对不同故障类型,分类分级管理,主动报警、限档限速、自动制动,大幅提升车辆 行驶的主动安全性。  Dedicated driving safety active protection technology is adopted to realize classified management, such as automatic warning, gear and speed limit, automatic brake according to different fault categories, in order to improve the active safety of the driving vehicle.  智能臂架,规范用户使用,提升产品使用安全,为用户提供最有效的吊装方案,提高作业效率。  Intelligent boom system can standardize the operation of the users and improve the operation safety; it provides users with the most effective lifting plan, and improves the...

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起重性能强、作业范围广 Superb lifting performance  5节主臂,长45m。  5-section boom of 45m.  2节副臂,长9.2m-16m ,安装角度0°、15°、 30°。  Two jib sections of 9.2m-16m , with 0°, 15° and 30° jib offset angles.  三种臂架伸缩模式,作业范围广、工况适应性 强。  Three boom telescoping modes, wider working radius and better application adaptability. Slewing mechanism  行星齿轮减速器、常闭式制动器。  Planetary gear reducer, normally closed brake.  360°连续回转。  Continuous 360° slewing.  回转速度为0-2r/min。  Slewing speed 0-2 r/min. Winch system  行星齿轮减速器、常闭式制动器。  Planetary gear reducer, constant closed brake.  最大单绳拉力为61KN。  Max. single line pull is 61 KN....

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Step 1 后轮转正Return the rear-wheel 传统三步切换 操作繁琐 Traditional 3step selector operation is inconvenient Step 2 前轮转正Return the front-wheel 一键操作 One-key operation 前桥独立 Front axle independent Step 3 模式切换Mode selection 机动灵活、转场快捷 Flexible maneuverability and quick job site transfer  2种驱动方式、4种转向模式,正反向行驶功能,行业最小的转弯半径,机 动灵活。  Two driving types, 4 steering modes, forwards and backwards driving function available, smallest turning radius in the industry, mobile and flexible.  192kW大功率发动机(上柴)+低速大扭矩的液力变矩传动系统,最大输出 扭矩 1100N.m ,加速性能提升10%,高速高效率,六个前进档、三个后退档, 转移快捷。  192kW large power engine (Shanghai...

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三大节能措施,使用成本更低 Three major energy-saving measures lead to lower cost  双变量泵阀控负载敏感的新型节能液压系统,同时利用重 力辅助进行变幅下落,不同工况油耗,降低10%~15% 。  New energy-saving hydraulic system with double-variable pump valve control load-sensing system; elevating down with gra

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XCR70 低油耗区作业 Low fuel consumption operation 同等工况下起重作业 节省燃油 During lifting operation, fuel can be saved under the same working conditions 行驶油耗降低 Driving fuel consumption is reduced by 液力传动 Hydraulic drive 机械传动 Mechanic drive  ECO节能控制,不同工况油耗降低5%-9%。  ECO energy-saving control, fuel consumption under different working conditions can be reduced by 5%-9%.  具有闭锁功能的变矩器,低速大扭矩、高速高效率,行 驶油耗降低20%。 

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作业安全主动防护 Active protection for operation safety  超载自动停止、声光报警,强制自动限速,海关联盟机型加装高压电保护、虚拟墙、低温保护。  Automatic stop for overload, audio and visual alarm, forced automatically limiting speed; CU-TR models are equipped with high voltage protection, virtual wall and low temperature protection.  借鉴欧洲、北美、海关联盟、中国等

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XCR70 行车动态监控系统 Driving dynamic monitoring system 专家诊断系统Expert diagnosis system 分类分级管理 Classified management 自动限速Automatic speed limit 危险报警 Danger alarm 自动制动Automatic brake 行车安全主动保护系统 Driving safety active protection system  专有的行车安全主动保护技术,针对不同故障类型,分类分级管理,主动报警、限档限速、自动制 动,大幅提升车辆行驶的主动安全性。  Dedicated driving safety active protection technology is adopted to realize cl

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双泵阀控负载敏感系统 Double-pump valve control load-sensing system  专有双泵分/合流控制技术,单个动作双泵合流,作业速 度快;复合动作,子系统独立供油,互不干扰,动作精 准可控、作业高效。  Dedicated double-pump confluence control technology is available; double-pump confluence for single movement with quick operation; subsystem independent oil supply for combined movements; the movements are accurate and controllable with high operation efficiency.  自动温控大功率液压油散热器,高低温环境均可持续作 业。  Large power hydraulic radiator with automatic temperature control are av

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起升最低稳定速度(卷筒处) 2.5m/min The min. stable lifting speed of winch (at drum): 2.5m/min 回转最低稳定速度0.1°/s The min. stable speed of slewing: 0.1°/s  复合节流+负载滤波的双泵阀控负载敏感系统, 控制精准、微动性良好,精准平稳吊装。  Compound throttling+ double-pump valve control load-sensing system with load filter; accurate control, good inching control

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信息输入 Input information 工况查询 Search working conditions 查询结果 Search results 工况自动查询Automatic searching of working conditions  只需输入起重量、起止幅度、起吊高度,即可自动推荐最优作业工况,查询快捷、方便,降低人为误 操作带来的风险。  The user only needs to input the lifting load, the initial and final working radii, lifting height, the optimal working conditions can be automatically recommended. The search is quick and convenient, which can reduce the risk of human misoperation. 故障自诊断 Fault self-diagnosis system 故障自诊断Fault self-diagnosis system  285个控制节点,自动检测、自动诊断,并在显示器上实时显示,故障诊断率达到76%。  There are 285 control nodes; a

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易观察的 行车显示屏 Clear driving display 可调式触摸屏Adjustable touch screen 层次分明的 流线型仪表台Well arranged stream-lined instrument panel 12/24V电源 12/24V power source 功能分区的 触点式按键Touch buttons with different functional divisions 双层储物盒 Double-layer glove compartment 可调式出风口 Adjustable air outlet 随手可触的急停开关 Accessible stop switch 司机室 Driver's cab  1.1m宽体司机室,层次分明的流线型仪表台,功能分区布置的触电式按键,人机工程设计的操纵件, 驾乘舒适。  Wide cab of 1.1 m, well arranged stream-lined instrument panel, touch buttons with different functional divisions, ergonomically arranged controls with comfortable driving.  角度可调的10.4寸真彩色触摸屏,界面友好,信息丰富,一目了然。  10.4...

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