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New XCMG All Terrain Crane 60 ton small hydraulic mobile crane XCA60_E (Euro stage IV) - 16 Pages

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New XCMG All Terrain Crane 60 ton small hydraulic mobile crane  XCA60_E (Euro stage IV)

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全地面起重机 / All Terrain Crane

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"mm+" msm, The XCA60_E All Terrain Crane is a "Internet +" smart crane, in which mobile Internet, mobile terminal remote control function are integrated.

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动力强劲,行驶性能优越 Power and traveling performance  奔驰OM470LA柴油发动机,额定功率 280kw ,最大输出扭矩 1900N.m  Daimler AG OM470LA diesel engine, rated power 280kw, max. torque 1900N.m  美国艾利逊自动变速箱  American Allison automatic gear transmission 

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XCA60_E 大载荷单横臂独立悬架系统 Independent heavy duty suspension system with single wishbone  左右车轮单独跳动,自适应地面路况,有效提升高速转弯时的操控稳定性, 在狭长及较差路况的路面,越野性能优异。  The tires on left and right side move up/down separately to adapt to the road conditions, to effectively enhance the stability of steering operation at high speed and achieve excellent off-road performance when driving on the narrow road or the road with poor road conditions. 15% 操控稳定性提升 Improved control stability 悬挂系统 制动系统 Suspension system  悬架采用油缸减振+蓄能器缓冲,减振 效果好,具有自动调平功能。  The suspension is equipped with effective damped cylinder, accumulator...

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4种转向模式 4 steering modes  通过旋钮式开关选择转向模式  Selection of steering mode by a knob switch  清晰的控制原理及布局  Cl

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XCA60_E 高标准、极致化 Compliant to the strictest standards  采用全球最严格的欧洲标准设计,车身长度不大于12m,宽度不大于 2.55m  The crane is designed by complying with the strictest European standards. Its total length is not more than 12 m and width is less than 2.55 m.  最大爬坡能力70%,最小转弯直径14.2m  Max. grade ability is 70% and min. turning diameter is 14.2 m 转向系统 Steering system  一轴机械转向,2

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起升机构 Hoisting mechanism  液压控制调速,装有绳槽卷筒及平衡阀,  Hydraulic control is used for speed regulation. A balanced valve and a grooved drum equipped  行星齿轮减速器、常闭式制动器  Planetary gear reducer, normally closed brake  最大单绳拉力为50KN 

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XCA60_E 新型高效节能液压系统, New highly efficient energy-saving hydraulic system  采用变量泵负载敏感液压系统,匹配低速大扭矩回转系统、定量马达起 升系统,排量随主阀开口变化自动调节,平均能耗降低15%以上,平顺 性、微动性提升15%,  Advanced technologies such as variable displacement pumps and load sensitive hydraulic system matched with low speed and large torque slewing system, constant motor hoist system, and automatic regulation of the displacement with the open change of main valve contribute to reduced energy consumption more than 15% on average and the smoothness and fine control improved by 15%  设备起升最低稳定速度2.5m/min,回转最低稳定速度0.1°/s  The min. stable hoisting...

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无线配重挂接 Wireless counterweight erection system  Can 总线通讯,操作方便性高,不受 距离限制,手持更方便  In which CANBus communication makes operation more convenient, without being limited by distance; and hand-h

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XCA60_E 超强起重性能 Super lifting performance  新型单缸插销伸缩系统,单板式臂头  New single-cylinder pinning telescoping system. Single-plate boom head  六节主臂48m,最大起升高度63m  Six-section boom of 48m and max. lifting height of 63 m  16m固定副臂,具有0°、15°、30°三种固定副臂安装角  16m fixed jib with three offset angles: 0°、15°、30  选装2.5m独立臂头  With optional 2.9m independent boom head 智能工作灯 Smart headlamp  可以进行人工或随动控 制,满足不同位置的观 察需求  Manual or servo control, available for operator to observe from different angles or positions Independent hydraulic oil cooling s

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Automatic working condition planning technology ■ Automatically recommend the most proper working conditions ■ Searching and setting work condition simply

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XCA60_E 智能化操控系统 Intelligent control system  集吊工况自动规划、变幅自动补偿、卷扬自动收放等辅助功能于一身,让 新手也具备成熟的操纵技巧、人人都能成为吊装专家。  Many functions, such as automatic planning of working conditions, automatic elevating compensation, automatic spooling in and out of winch rope are integrated, which make it possible that a novice has mature operating skills and everyone becomes an expert in hoisting operations.  选装远程无线遥控装置,可远程操作上车所有动作,提高车辆操作安全性、 方便性。  Optional wireless remote control device makes all the lifting operations available with improved safety and convenience. 起重变幅补偿控制技术 Automatic elevating compensation...

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驾驶室 Driver's cab  12.3寸大镜面真彩色显示屏,显 示更清晰  12.3 inch color display with large mirror surface makes indication clearer  主驾采用空气悬浮座椅副驾采用 简易卧铺  An air suspension seat for the driver and a simple sleeper for

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XCA60_E 徐工人机交互系统 XCMG man-machine interactive system  行业首发,用轿车级别的人机交互系统,实现了操作人员与车辆的友好对 话。轻松掌控车辆行驶、起重作业的各种状态信息,操纵更轻松、便捷  First launched in the industry man-machine interactive system with the level of a car achieves friendly conversation between operator and crane. Information of every state in driving and lifting operation is administered easily which makes operation easier and more convenient. 新型外观造型与人性化设计 New appearance and humanized design  新一代外观设计,整机刚劲有力,时尚的驾驶室与操纵室新外观,层次感 与力量感完美结合;全面的人体工程学分析,人性化细节处理,打造驾驶轻 松、操纵舒适,维护便捷的内在品质  A new generation of appearance design makes the whole...

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400-110-9999 400-001-5678 本印刷品不属于合同。出于产品不断改进的需要,我们保留对产品型号、参数、配置进 行变更的权利,恕不另行通知。图片仅供参考,具体产品以实物为准。图片中产品可能 并非标准配置,部分部件可能需要另行购置。办理牌照和上路行驶需遵守当地法规。 This print does not belong to the contract. We reserve the right to modify the design (such as product model, parameters and configuration) without notice for improveme

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