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New XCMG All Terrain Crane 300 ton hydraulic mobile crane XCA300 - 18 Pages

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New XCMG All Terrain Crane 300 ton hydraulic mobile crane XCA300

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全地面起重机 / All Terrain Crane

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起重作业性能行业领先,动力强劲,智能化程度高的六桥全地面起重机 XCA300 The lifting capacity takes the lead in the industry with strong power, the 6-axle all

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 七节80m主臂,最大额定起重力矩9270KN.m,最大起升高度112m,可 用于1.5MW-2.0MW风电维修;  Seven-section boom of 80m,the max. rated lifting toque is 9270KN ; the max. lifting height is 112m. It can be used for 1.5-2.0MW power wind maintenance.  超起、平衡重等大型构件自拆卸技术,整机拆装更加便捷,拆装效率高 于同类产品16%  The self-disassembly technology of large parts such as super lifting device and counterweight can make the assembly and disassembly more convenient. The efficiency of assembly and disassembly is 16% higher than that of the products in the same cl

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超强起重性能 Super lifting performance  七节80米主臂,6-36米固定副臂  7-section boom of 80m, fixed jib of 6-36m  超起定长张紧技术,起重性能提升5-8%  fixed-length tensioning technology of super lifting device brings 5-8% higher performance  超起卷扬排绳机构,有效保证钢丝绳

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专用风电工况 Work condition of wind power  主臂69.8m+超起+风电臂8m, 工作幅度16m, 额定载重量33.2t  Boom 69.8m+ Super lifting device + luffing jib of 8m for wind power maintenance, the working radius is 16m, the rated lifting load is 33.2t  1.5MW风电检修,产品携带附件更少,安装方便, 效率更高,大幅度节省使用成本  Less product auxiliaries for 1.5MW wind po

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动力强劲,行驶性能优越 Power and traveling performance  奔驰柴油发动机,额定功率 442.6kw ,最大输出扭矩 2800N.m  Benz diesel engine, rated power 442.6kw, max. torque 2800N.m  16速ZF自动变速箱  16-speed ZF automatic gearbox  最高车

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综合制动控制技术 Comprehensive braking control technology  动态分配各种制动形式与发挥作用占比,实现制动力精准控制,防止无效控 制或制动不足。缩短紧急制动距离,降低制动系统磨损,提高制动系统使用 寿命  Dynamically choosing different braking modes, which contributes to precise control on power performance and avoids invalid braking control or insufficient braking force, and can shorten emergency braking distance, effectively avoid traffic accident, reduce the abrasion of braking system and increase the service life Suspension system  自动调平、悬架升降、弹性刚性转换等功能  Functions of automatic leveling, suspension lifting, elastic/rigid state switch-over  自润滑高强度悬挂油缸、高强度关节轴承式...

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转向系统 Steering system  双回路转向系统,液压助力,转向轻便灵活。  Double-circuit steering gear and hydraulic boosting system contributes to smooth and flexible steering  先进的电液比例转向控制技术。  Advanced electric-hydraulic propor-tional steering control technology  优化转向机构布置及转向中心位置,匹配重载专用 转向拉杆,避免了路况车桥悬空导致机构损坏  With optimized steering system arrangement

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XCA300 转场高效 Efficient & safe site transfer  重载转场:86t、106t短距离转场,72t长途转场  Heavy load transfer: Configuration of 86t and 106t for short-distance transfer, 72t for long-distance  优化转向机构布置及转向中心位置,匹配重载专用转向拉杆,避免恶劣路 况车桥悬空导致机构损坏。  With optimized steering system arrangement of center position matching special heavy-load rod, the mechanism damage can be avoided caused by axles suspending in the air under severe road conditions  三驱、四驱可切换,动力强劲,经济省油  The 3WD/4WD can be changed with strong power and oil consumption. 公路行驶转向模式 Normal road steering mode 防甩尾转向模式 Anti-drifting steering mode 小转弯转向模式 Tight...

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回转机构 Slewing mechanism  单排四点接触球外齿式回转支承,左 侧布置双回转机构,360度回转  Single row four-point ball contact external gearing slewing ring with external teeth may continuously slew 360 after being driven by doubleslewing gear arranged at its left side  具有动力控制或自由回转的功能,可 无级调速  Power control and free-sliding function are

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XCA300 新型高效节能液压系统, New highly efficient energy-saving hydraulic system  起升和回转系统采用闭式液压系统,配备大排量泵,重载起升速度高  Closed hydraulic system for lifting and slewing system, equipped with largedisplacement pump, lifting speed with heavy load highly  成熟的双变量机构精细调控策略,启停平稳  Mature double-variable mechanism with fine control tactic, matching perfectly stably  最低起升稳定速度(卷筒处)2.5m/min,最低稳定回转速度0.1°/s  Min. stable lifting speed (at drum) 2.5m/min, and min. stable slewing speed 0.1°/s. Hoisting mechanism Elevating mechanism  行星齿轮减速器、常闭式制动器  Planetary gear reducer, normally closed brake  最大单绳拉力为12.5t  Max....

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工况自动规划技术 Automatic working condition planning technology  自动推荐最简便工况  Automatically recommend the most proper working conditions  简化查询与设置工况过程 

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XCA300 行驶智能、越野高效 Intelligent travel and Efficient & excellent off-road performance  行业首创的多模式驱动技术,实现分路况实时智能控制,使整车行驶状态 达到最优,提升整车行驶的安全性与可靠性。  With first launched multi-mode drive technology in the industry , real-time intelligent control for various working conditions is realized so that the crane has optimized travel state and crane safety and reliability are improved.  轴荷监测技术:通过轴荷监测,自动匹配相对应的最高档位,保障车辆行 驶安全。  Axle load monitoring technology: Proper gear (the highest gear engaged) and axle driving mode are matched automatically by axle load monitoring technology, which provides protection...

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Outrigger pressure detection function  实时监控支腿受力情况,作业稳定 性不足或超出支腿压力设定范围时 紧急报警,防止翻车事故的发生  Enables to detect outrigger pressure in real time. When the operation stability is insufficient or actual outrigger pressure

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新型外观造型与人性化设计 New appearance and humanized design  新一代外观设计,整机刚劲有力,时尚的驾驶室与操纵室新外观,层次感与力量 感完美结合;全面的人体工程学分析,人性化细节处理,打造驾驶轻松、操纵舒适, 维护便捷的内在品质  A new generation of appearance design makes the whole vehicle powerful and vigorous; Fashionable outlines of driver's cab and operator's cab bring perfect combination of sense of lays and sense of physical strength; ergonomics analysis and humanized details make inherent quality of easy driving comfortable operation and convenient maintenance 调频无线遥控 FM radio remote control 智能工作灯 Smart headlamp

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驾驶室 Driver's cab  12.3寸大镜面真彩色显示屏,显示更 清晰  12.3 inch color display with large mirror surface makes indication clearer  主驾气悬浮座椅,自动调节高度  An air-floating seat designed for the driver is automatically adjustable in height  副驾双座椅,可展开为简易卧铺  A double-seat designed for the codriver may be used as a

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XCA300 徐工人机交互系统 XCMG man-machine interactive system  行业首发,用轿车级别的人机交互系统,实现了操作人员与车辆的友好对 话。轻松掌控车辆行驶、起重作业的各种状态信息,操纵更轻松、便捷  First launched in the industry man-machine interactive system with the level of a car achieves friendly conversation between operator and crane. Information of every state in driving and lifting operation is administered easily which makes operation easilier and more convenient. 操纵室 Operator’s cab  全人机工学工作空间设计,作业更舒适, 安全  Ergonomically designed working space makes operation safer and more comfortable  双10.4寸真彩色触摸屏  Double 10.4 inch color touch screen displays 

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