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Hot XCMG truck crane 50 ton hydraulic mobile crane QY50KA - 21 Pages

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Hot XCMG truck crane 50 ton hydraulic mobile crane QY50KA

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汽车起重机 / Truck Crane

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目录 Content 尺寸参数 Dimensions 技术规格 Product Specifications 重量/作业速度 Weight / Working speeds 臂架组合方案 Boom / Jib combinations 符号标识 Description of symbols

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技术规格 Technical specifications ` 车架 支腿油缸均设有单向阀,且垂直支腿带有双 向液压锁。 滤油器:进、回油滤油器 操纵方式 中国重型汽车集团,直列、六缸、水冷、增 压中冷、电控 重机的全部动作。 主起升机构 压控制调速,装有双折线绳槽卷筒,由液

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技术规格 Technical specifications 底盘发动机 中国重型汽车集团,直列、六缸、水冷、 增压中冷、电控; WD615.338,额定功率276kW/2200rpm,

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Chassis Frame Designed and manufactured by XCMG, with all covered walking surface, anti-torsion box structure and optimal load-bearing structure design, made of imported high strength steel. Outrigger Four outriggers are arranged in H shape longitudinally, with outrigger beams and jacks hydraulically controlled by control levers. Control levers are located on both sides of the chassis, with a luminous level gauge equipped. Check valve is fitted in each outrigger cylinder, and double-way valve is fitted in jack cylinder. Outrigger float dimension : 9450mm Max. outrigger reaction force :...

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技术规格 Technical specifications Additional equipment Boom system Boom 1-section base boom and 4-section telescopic boom, with anti-twist design and high-strength steel structure. Main boom length………………11.4m~43.5m Single top is installed on the top of main boom, for single wire rope hoist. Its lifting performance is the same as main boom, but its max. lifting load not exceeding 4500kg. 2-section,1st section jib is lattice welding structure and length 9.5m, 2nd section jib is box welding structure.The max. length of jib is 16m, 0°, 15° and 30° offset angles are available. WD615.338, in-line...

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42% ft^mm Working speed m/min ,^*i,MHM m/min, single line,4th layer m/min ,^*i,MHM m/min, single line,4th layer Max. single line pull 48 kN 48 kN R-2°^^M80°^40s Approx. 40s for boom elevation from -2° to 80° ^11.4m#^M43.5ml^90s Approx. 90s for boom extension from 11.4m to 43.5m XCMG-QY50KA mwmfei&m Rope diameter/ length 18 mm/190 m 18 mm/125 m

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臂架组合方案 Boom / Jib combinations

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起升高度曲线图 Lifting heights

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Lifting capacities

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Lifting capacities

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Lifting capacities

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Lifting capacities

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符号标识 Description of symbols 常规标识 General symbols 上车 Superstructure 起重能力 lifting capacity 吊臂长度 Boom length 行驶速度 Driving speed 工作幅度 Radius 爬坡能力 Gradability 吊臂仰角 Boom position 主臂起升高度 Hoist height with Boom 固定副臂长度 Fixed jib length

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主要技术参数表 Transportation plan 类别 Category 项目 单位 Item Unit 外形尺寸(长×宽×高) mm Outline size(lengthch×width×height) 轴距 mm Wheel base 尺寸参数 轮距(前/后) mm Dimensions Track(Front/ Rear ) 前悬/后悬 mm Front/ Rear overhang 前伸/后伸 mm Front/ Rear extension 最大允许总质量 kg 重量参数 一轴、二轴 1st and 2nd axle kg Weight 轴荷 三轴、四轴 3rd and 4th axle kg 发动机型号 —— Engine model 额定功率/转速 kW/(r/min) Engine rated power/rpm 动力参数 Power 最大净功率/转速 kW/(r/min) Max. net power/rpm 最大输出扭矩/转速 N.m/(r/min) Engine rated torque/rpm 最高车速 km/h Max. travel speed 最低稳定车速 km/h Min. travel speed 最小转弯直径 m Min. turning diameter 臂头最小转弯直径 m Min. turning diameter at...

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主要技术参数表 Transportation plan 类别 Category 最大额定总起重量 Max. total rated lifting capacity 最小额定工作幅度 Min. rated working radius 副臂安装角 Jib offset angle 起重臂起臂时间 Boom raising time 起重臂全伸时间 Boom fully extended time 最大回转速度 Max. slewing speed 转台尾部回转半经 Turning radius at turntable tail 基本臂 Base boom 最大起重力矩 最长主臂 Max. load moment Fully-extended boom 最长主臂+副臂 Fully-extended boom + Jib 主要性能参数 Main performance 支腿跨距 Outrigger span 起重臂长度 Boom length 水平支腿 Outrigger beam 垂直支腿 Outrigger jack 主起升机构 Main winch 副起升机构 Auxiliary winch 机外辐射 Exterior noise level 司机位置处 Noise level at seated position 支腿收放时间Outrigger extending...

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注意事项 Notes The total rated loads given in the rated load charts are the maximum lifting capacity when the crane is set up on firm and level ground, which includes the weight of the hook block and slings. The weight of above-mentioned devices should be deducted to correctly calculate the load weight. The working radius shown in the rated load charts is the radius when the load is lifted off the ground, and it is the actual value including loaded boom deflection. A lifting operation is permissible only when the wind force is below grade 5 (instantaneous wind speed is 14.1 m/s, wind pressure...

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地址:中国江苏徐州市铜山路165号 Add:No.165 Tongshan Road Xuzhou Jiangsu China 电话(Tel):+86-516-83462242/83462350 质量监督电话(Quality Inquiry Tel):+86-516-87888268 备件电话(Spare Parts Tel):+86-516-83461542 邮编(Post Code):221004 网址(Web) 400-110-9999 400-001-5678 本印刷品不属于合同。出于产品不断改进的需要,我们保留对产品型号、参数、配置进 行变更的权利,恕不另行通知。图片仅供参考,具体产品以实物为准。图片中产品可能 并非标准配置,部分部件可能需要另行购置。办理牌照和上路行驶需遵守当地法规。 This print does not belong to the contract. We reserve the right to modify the design (such as

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