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P1500 0-1100ml/min & +500mbar

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Concept Principle of operation The micropumps from Xavitech are based on the principle of the oscillating displacement pump. The motor causes an internal axle to move back and forth. This action is transferred to the elastic diaphragm which, in cooperation with the non-return valve, produces the pumping effect. X-life™ motor The patented pump technology from Xavitech is unique in several aspects. Thanks to the X-life™ motor design, problems associated with other electro-magnetic pumps are simply eliminated. The axle motion is friction-less and it avoids striking into the magnet. As a consequence, the lifetime is long, the operation is safe, free of sparks, and reliable. In addition, the pump is oil-less and free of maintenance. Long Life-Time Calibrated flow Customized functions System savings tion of the working conditions (e.g. stroke frequency, flow, and pressure). By processing this information, the pump can automatically take necessary measures – in real-time – to adjust its performance according to any condition changes. Intelligent The Xavitech pumps are also characterized by the built-in intelligence, offered by the internal microprocessor and the patented positioning system that displays the location and motion of the axle. This opens up vast new possibilities. For example, the axle motion reveals informa- Serial control Pressure measuring capabilities Flow and pressure regulating capabilities Constant flow regardless of battery voltage LCD control capabilities Programmable frequency Contol capabilities of external components Gas analysis Pressure / vacuum holding Medical diagnostics Blood pressure NPWT pump Aneastetic delivery Automotive Industrial

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Motor type: Supply voltage: Average current: Permissible amb. temp.: Medium temp.: Wetted parts: Weight: V200 max. performance: Flow: Vacuum: Pressure: __________ Pressure [mbar] GENERAL DATA X-life motor 3.2 to 26.0 V DC 130-180 mA* 0°C to 55°C** 0°C to 55°C** PPS and EPDM (viton on request) 105 grams 1,1 L/min 160 mbar 500 mbar * Depends on application type, load, and flow. Contact us for details. ** An extended range can be treated on request. Installation / operation The pump needs min. 3.2 V at start-up. The standard pump is not designed to start against max. vacuum or pressure, but...

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