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PUMP HOLDER PUMPHOLDER FOR V200 AND P200 (BLACK AND ORANGE EDITION) Xavitech can offer a solution that is based on moulded parts in silicon material for pull through quick mount. By press fitting two soft holders, one from each side of the pump, you get 4 soft arrow like pins underneath the pump. Theese pins you can pull through holes and they will expand on the other side of a PCB and thus create a lock. There are two arrows on each pin so you can mount the pump at two diffrent levels. At level 1 the pump will be elevated 2.75mm and enables you to have electrical components underneath the pump. When pump is mounted on PCB, excessive parts of the pin underneath the PCB can be cut away. Benefits with using Xavitech’s pump holder • Absorbs vibrations • Easy mounting on PCB or other materials • Electronic or other components can be placed underneath • Cost effective SILICONE TUBING Get started directly with your Xavitech pump test. We offer silicone tubes with correct dimensions. TUBE CONNECTORS For harder tubings or steel pipe connections with outer dimension of 4 mm we recommend to use tube conn

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FLOW CONTROL UNIT (FCU) With our FCU the user can calibrate the pump flow rate (operating frequency). Adjust the flow rate with the push buttons and the new setting will be stored in the pump’s built-in memory. This feature will help to find the optimal flow rate for your specific application. In this way the user can try different flow rate settings for each pump which will speed up evaluation during R & D phase. ADAPTER PCB This small adapter is intended for use during testing and evaluation of Xavitech BLACK edition micro pumps. With all necessary components integrated on this small PCB...

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