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FREEDOM GEN LITHIUM ION POWER SYSTEM Lithium Battery Inverter/ Charger Combiner Controller Secondary Alternator FREEDOM eGEN Lite FREEDOM eGEN FREEDOM GEN REDUCE GENERATOR RUNTIME OUR LITHIUM IS SAFE, POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT 6-8X life of traditional batteries Lithium is safe, powerful and efficient Solar option to enhance battery life Available from 105Ah to 620Ah as part of a fully customizable power generation system for all types of RVs Longest runtime of electronics & appliances FREEDOM TO GO OFF-GRID FOR LONGER Reduce generator runtime Multiple power and charging sources ensure RVers can go off-grid for longer without worrying about essential electronics and appliances running out of power RVers no longer have to worry about turning on a generator and resulting nuisance such as noise and air pollution FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & UPGRADEABLE Option to add additional batteries, solar panels or upgrade inverter/charger in the future MULTIPLE CHARGING SOURCES INCLUDING SOLAR KEEP BATTERIES CHARGED The specially designed alternator charges the battery when the RV is running The inverter/charger charges the battery when the RV is parked and plugged in at a campground Solar continuously trickle charges batteries to further extend its service life and electronics runtime CRITICAL SYSTEM INFORMATION ON FINGER TIPS View, monitor and configure critical system information on smartphone or tablet via apps available on Android and Google Play Store MORE INFO: CONNECT WITH US: Copyright © 2021 Xantrex LLC. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are owned by Xantrex LLC. V2. 04.27.2021 EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE LIFE *up to 6000 under ideal conditions. LITHIUM ION POWER SYSTEM

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The FREEDOM eGEN is a fully integrated system that offers the most reliable AC and DC power to run an air conditioner and other high power loads in all climate conditions and precise battery management for accurately charging lithium ion batteries from multiple sources. The most compelling benefit is the freedom and confidence it offers RVers to enjoy dry camping adventures without worrying about batteries or power. SAFEST SYSTEM EXCEPTIONALLY FAST ALTERNATOR RECHARGE TIME Proprietary Control To Safely Get The Most Charging Current To The Battery During Idle Integrated Solution With...

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