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The Customizer X2 lifting columns are used wherever robust and reliable guiding systems are needed to lift medical, ergonomic or industrial equipment. In this catalogue, you can find our standard range of manual columns. If you cannot find any that fulfils your needs, we can make a customized solution for you. In fact, most of our supplied lifting columns are customized.

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Description Our manual lifting columns are manually operated by a crank. The crank columns can be either 2- or 3-sectioned. 2 sections are suggested for normal applications, and 3 sections for applications that require a shorter retracted length. Manual crank columns consist of three major parts: the tubing system, one or two screws and a crank. The more load the column needs to lift, the heavier it will be to rotate the crank. Torque stands for the rotational force needed to rotate the crank. The diagrams on the next page show how much force each screw needs to lift different loads....

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2 section crank columns Screw type Lift [mm/turn] Retracted length Retracted length = Stroke + 200 mm 3 section crank columns Screw type Lift [mm/turn] Torque @ 100 kg [Nm] Stroke, max Retracted length 1.000 mm Retracted length = Stroke/2 + minimum 170 mm Only available as A13, B13 or X13-columns

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Our crank columns can be ordered with different shapes of the tubing systems. The 2-section crank columns are available with all series, and the 3-section crank column with tubes from Aseries, B-series and X-series. All tubes are made of stiff aluminium tubes and treated for lowest possible friction. This enables us to mount them with very tight tolerances to achieve a maintenance free and smooth run without any play. Dimensions A-series G-series X-series

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About us X2 Technology is a Phoenix Mecano brand marketed by Phoenix Mecano AB. X2 Technology manufactures top range lifting columns to the medical, ergonomic and industrial market. Our biggest strength lays in our exceptional experience of guided aluminum profiles. The experience enables us to develop and design innovative products in close cooperation with our customers to meet individual requirements. With our flexible manufacturing techniques, we can produce both small and big quantities of customized products. Before use of products, see general terms & conditions and operating...

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