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With automatic detection of strain gauge full-bridges and 2x quarter-bridges Suitable for reference measurements and for peak value measurements with strain gauge sensors (Application examples on page 4) Characteristics l _ • Suitable for reference measurements for strain and force sensors on injection moulding machines and presses • 4 measuring channels for the measurement of closing force and unequal distribution of loads on tie-bars • Peak value memory for the analysis of peak measurement values • Display with digital zero adjustment and analogue output for continuous recording of measurement values • Up to 12 sensor configurations can be stored • Automatic detection of full-bridges and 2x quarter-bridges (strain rings)

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Indicator X-315 - 2

The indicator X-315 displays four sensors signals individually and the sum off all signals. The simple and fast set-up and the convenient peak value acquisition allow fast and precise measurements on presses and injection moulding machines. The display unit X-315 can be operated with conventional strain gauge sensors with a full-bridge as well as with strain rings with 2x A strain gauge configuration. The device automatically recognizes the type of connected sensors after switching on and configures itself accordingly. The digital display shows the measurement values in the units mV / V and...

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Indicator X-315 - 3

Indicator X-315 Display with four measuring channels and 12 storable parameter sets Specifications Software features Block diagram Strain gauge indicator X-315

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Indicator X-315 - 4

Software features Checking the maximum force (peak value measurement) Products: • Loadcell XCR-171 or X-134 • Indicator X-315 Verification of the load distribution on tie bars Produkte: • Strain sensors X-102 or strain ring X-105 • Indicator X-315 Calibration of strain sensors for indirect force measurements Produkte: • All strain sensors without integrated sensors • Indicator X-315 Strain gauge indicator X-315

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Indicator X-315 - 5

Reference measurement of the pressing force / calibration of the closing force Produkte: • Loadcell XCR-171 • Indicator X-315 Strain gauge indicator X-315

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Indicator X-315 - 6

The X-315 automatically detects which type of sensor (full-bridge or 2x quarter-bridge) is connected. It automatically choses the correct configuration. Also a mixed operation is possible. For example, two strain rings (two quarter-bridges each) and two conventional force sensors (full-bridge) can be connected. User interface Configuration (Input Parameter) Choice of unit Activate of peak measurement Choice of stored parameter set Analog output Digital inputs Digital outputs Strain gauge indicator X-315

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