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X-Rite Inline Color Measurement Solutions For Paper Mills

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Quality Color with Less Waste for Better Market Acceptance Papermaking has always been a complex process. The pulp is produced from wood or recycled paper as well as a variety of chemicals, dyes, and papermaking agents to achieve stability and remove impurities. Each of these raw and recycled materials impacts the color of the pulp and final paper, which must fall within tight color tolerance or the customer will not claim the shipment. On a fast-moving paper line, even a slight color shift can ruin an entire run in no time. In addition, today’s consumers are also looking for a paper...

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Accurate Paper Color, Batch-to-Batch and Year to Year X-Rite’s long history and expertise in color measurement helps pulp and paper manufacturers get color right, the first time and every time, which translates into better overall quality, increased production output and reduced costs. Make Decisions Based on Fact, Not Guesswork • See real-time color data of the running production line Get early notification of color shifts Automatically adjust dye pumps to bring color back into tolerance Take corrective action before a run is wasted Automatic start-up and shade changes for up to 50%...

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Total Color Control on the Paper Production Line An inline color measurement and control system includes a non-contact spectrophotometer mounted on a custom frame over the production machine and closed loop color control software to monitor color throughout the run. The inline spectrophotometer can be mounted in three locations. 1 2 2 2. After the Press Section Measuring the pulp acts like a pre-warning system to notify operators what will be on the machine soon. Measuring the wet paper before drying offers a good correlation to the finished product. The most common place for color...

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The Ultimate Solution for Accurate Paper Color Color and brightness are typically the last parameters to be brought into specification at machine startup. An inline color measurement and control system uses a mathematical model to calculate the color changes for up to 3 dyes and optical brightening agents (OBAs) if required as the operators set up the machine. This saves a lot of time during start up and shade/grade change. If color deviates during production, operators can quickly re-adjust dyes and OBAs to get back on target, reducing colorant and paper waste for a more sustainable...

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Maintain the Tightest Tolerances Throughout Production To measure and monitor color on the production line, X-Rite offers the ColorXRA 45 non-contact spectrophotometer, a custom measurement frame, and ESWin Closed Loop Color Control software to calculate and carry out automatic dye adjustments. ColorXRA 45 Inline Spectrophotometer With standardized 45°:0° measurement geometry and spectral resolution of 1 nm, the ColorXRA 45 correlates with lab measurements to minimize color variations. • Measures base color and optical brighteners separately for optimal control over each component, even...

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Validate Compliant Color in the Lab Inspecting color before shipment is critical for customer acceptance. X-Rite offers the ColorXRA Lab benchtop spectrophotometer and ESWin QC software to help laboratory professionals evaluate final color and track quality according to TAPPI standards. ColorXRA Lab Benchtop Spectrophotometer See real-time production measurements and trend graphs in the lab. • Measures with or without UV with built-in xenon flash lamp, adapted to the D65 standard. • Measures base color, opacity, and OBAs to ensure industry compliance, including M1 and M2. • Detects dirt and...

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Your Global Color Partner We recognize that great color portrays great quality and know that your success hinges on the consistent and accurate production of this color. With so many places for color to go wrong, it can be hard to know how to get it right. That’s where we can help. By blending the art and science of color, we help you achieve the highest level of color integrity so your product – and your customer’s product – comes out ahead. Global Headquarters Manufacturing and R&D X-Rite Service Center Certified Service Partners End-To-End Solutions We provide solutions that span the...

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