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YOUR COLOR RESOURCE for All Your Global Communication Needs. YOUR COLOR.

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Consistent color means improved productivity, less waste, and a higher quality end product across the supply chain. From inspiration to production, from design to shelf, there are many variables that affect color of the final product. A color network must work flawlessly to ensure color integrity and fastest time to market throughout the entire process.

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BRAND OWNERS/ CREATIVES ACCURATE COLOR: From Concept to Consumer Whether you are a brand owner, an in-house designer or a freelancer, you can leverage our vast color knowledge, expertise and our easyto-use solutions to ensure brand integrity and accurate color from inspiration to output — from your desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad. What could be easier?

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PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer connects designers to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, enabling accurate color selection and viewing. No more surprises: Colors will always match in production! ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition Ensuring accurate, consistent color across a complex global supply chain just got easier. An intuitive dashboard presents supplier scorecards for monitoring the production process and comparing supplier performance. Use ColorCert Master to incorporate PantoneLIVE™ standards into color specifications. Real-time monitoring. i1 Professional Color Management Solutions i1 Professional...

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WIDE FORMAT THE BIG PICTURE Big signs and displays deserve big, attention-getting images in vibrant, eye-catching colors. But at the same time, you want to ensure that the color is right and that ink and media costs are in line. Color tools from X-Rite Pantone are the answer.

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For decades, brand owners, design professionals, printers and converters have depended on Pantone to accurately communicate color. Now the PANTONE PLUS SERIES update to the popular PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® inspires your design work and enables you to design and communicate color for all your multimedia needs. From print to web design, animation and video, the PANTONE PLUS SERIES allows you to ensure that your creative vision becomes reality. DIGITAL WIDE FORMAT PANTONE Color Guides and Books i1 Professional Color Management Solutions Communicating color easily, accurately and often is...

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COMMERCIAL PRINTERS DELIVER ON CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS While Improving Your Bottom Line! Last minute changes can be the bane of your existence — but they are a reality in the life of most commercial printers. Advanced production monitoring and control solutions from X-Rite Pantone can alleviate some of that pain, allowing you to meet customer expectations without breaking the bank.

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Manage color across an array of print technologies. Runs shorter than expected? No problem — move the job to digital. Need to match digital, offset and/or inkjet print within the same project? It’s easy. Use our i1 Professional Color Management Solutions to ensure color consistency across your business and get the most out of your investments. X-Rite eXactTM Looking for exact color? That’s where X-Rite eXact comes in. Our point-in-time handheld solutions are the industry standard. Step up to the next generation and benefit from easy-to-use technology that gets to the right color quickly . ....

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CONVERTERS CONVERT PACKAGING Challenges into Tighter Customer Relationships X-Rite Pantone is committed to making your life easier as a labels or packaging converter. Let us help you lower quality control costs, reduce time to market, take guesswork out of color and unify your color communications across your entire color network and the packaging supply chain.

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When it is time for production, connect to PantoneLIVE, a secure cloud-based database that ensures precise color at the point of production. Precise spectral definitions for each color are organized in a secure, cloud-based ecosystem, provide the right formulations for production and consistent color on a multitude of substrates and print technologies. Right the first time. Right all the time. X-Rite eXact with Scan Option Our point-in-time handheld solutions are the industry standard. Step up to the next generation and benefit from easy-to-use technology that gets you to the right color...

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SUPPLIERS PRECISE COLOR: From Concept to Ink Kitchen Reduced inventory. Faster time to formulation. Better raw materials management. Delivery of precise ink formulations to customers.. X-Rite Pantone solutions address all of these challenges for ink suppliers.

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Better manage raw materials and meet supplier requirements. Link in to our secure cloud-based spectral database and you will be able to create the right ink formulation from step one, regardless of color complexity. Taking advantage of PantoneLIVE means error-free ink formulation, happier printers and converters and delighted brand owners. Right the first time. Right every time. X-Rite eXact This state-of-the-art color measurement tool allows ink suppliers to measure materials prior to delivery, ensuring quality and color accuracy, regardless of the technology or substrate being employed....

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FROM INSPIRATION TO PRODUCT DIGITAL WIDE FORMAT • ColorChecker Passport • ColorMunki Family • i1 Color Management Solutions • Munsell Color Vision Tests • Optical Brightener Kit • PANTONE Capsure • PANTONE Color Manager • ANTONE Lighting P Indicator • PANTONE PLUS SERIES BRAND OWNERS/ CREATIVES • • • • • ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition ColorChecker Passport ColorMunki Family i1 Color Management Solutions Munsell Color Vision Tests PANTONE Capsure™ PANTONE Color Manager™ PANTONE Plastic Chips PantoneLIVE™ Pantone PLUS SERIES Your Color. Always In Harmony.

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END-TO-END SOLUTIONS X-Rite Pantone. One Company. One Network. When it comes to color consistency, you need simple tools for everyone in your color network so you can always work in harmony from inspiration to production. X-Rite Pantone, the leader in color communications, offers a full suite of hardware, software, solutions and services that specify, communicate and measure color accuracy, ensuring your brand’s color integrity across your color network. Ci6x ColorCert: X-Rite Edition InkFormulation iQC Print M unsell Color Vision Tests NetProfiler PantoneLIVE PANTONE PLUS X-Rite eXact...

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