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Portable Imaging Spectrocolorimeter X-Rite RM200QC The X-Rite RM200QC Imaging Spectrocolorimeter bridges the gap between color appearance and material color — from incoming material batches to outgoing product shipments — in a functional, portable unit that fits comfortably in your hand.

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X-Rite RM200QC A Hand-Held Solution For Versatile Color Measurement Display. Communicates color information, instrument status, and option. Measure button. Two stage button; press lightly to start preview and firmly to measure. Navigation control. Enter button. Selects menu items and opens tag menu. Power on/off. Speaker and Microphone. For recording and playback of voice tags. USB connection. USB connection for charging the battery and interface to computer or printer.

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Bring Clarity To Color QC Color sells. In toys, electronics, appliances — an eye-catching color is a consumer-catching advantage. And when your color, or colors, become brand standards, you want to be sure you match them with every product run. How do you make sure? Setting and maintaining color standards throughout the manufacturing process is a daunting challenge. The eye test is no longer good enough. Basic colorimeters or color swatches aren’t accurate enough. More sophisticated instruments are often complicated, unwieldy, and difficult to calibrate between ingoing and outgoing...

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Where Does the RM200QC Work? The RM200QC is designed to provide stable color comparisons for materials and products wherever color control is important. Here are just a few of the industries where RM200QC makes a difference: Appliances & Housewares Building Materials Consumer Electronics Food and Baked Products Soft & Hard Home Products Paints & Coatings With this device, build a Complete Color Program For the ultimate in performance, the RM200QC is ideal for use with Munsell/Pantone color standards. The production of these standards requires tight manufacturing tolerances, promoting a...

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L*a*b*C*H* standard, sample and color difference Verbal color descriptions color difference Gray Scale Gray Scale and Strength functions are included for textile assessment. RM200QC offers superior ergonomics for this application and improved performance (compared to visual Over White Over Black Over White On board Opacity measurement provides accurate and flexible

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Better Working Agreement RM200QC measures color accurately by taking images of your sample using 8 different visible illuminations and 1 UV LED (9 bands), an advantage over traditional colorimeters that typically have only three 3 bands (Red, Green, and Blue). The unique imaging technology of RM200QC provides better agreement to visual observations through its 45/0 optical geometry and proprietary image capture technology. Each measurement is a combination of 27 images illuminated with different colors and from different directions. This takes just a little over a second and provides the...

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The RM200QC automatically creates conformance reports in PDF and Excel formats, for the stored samples against each standard. These can be output to a computer or directly to a compatible printer (Printers supporting USB Memory stick with PDF file type). RM200QC COLOR SAMPLE REPORT

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X-Rite RM200QC Specifications Measuring Geometrics: Light Source: Independent tri-directional 25 LED (8* visible wavelengths; 1* UV) Standards/Sample Storage: Measurement time: Measuring Area: Short Term Repeatability: Data Interface: USB (Mass Storage Device) Operating Temp: Storage temp: Humidity Range: Pollution Degree: Transient Overvoltage: * Good ** Better *** Best Minimum recommended tolerance * 1.0 ∆E (limited to 0.8 ∆E as smallest settable tolerance) Digital communication of color standard data (not applicable relative measurement only) (not applicable relative measurement only)...

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