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Cie L*52.33 a* -14.11 b* -26.14 Creating beautiful first impressions. Solutions for health and beauty color management ►X4x-rite PANTONE

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The health and beauty industry is constantly changing. New markets — South America, China, the Middles East. New products — cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, anti-aging formulas. New ingredients — organics, special effects. New formulating and production techniques— nanoencapsulation, software-driven costing. New packaging — green materials, color fade effects, bioplastics. And with it all, new opportunities. Color is at the center of health and beauty opportunity, now more than ever. From perfecting a look, introducing a new line, or developing packaging that catches customer eyes, color...

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Perfecting your color A look at some of the major trends in health and beauty shows where and how color can make a difference in the appeal and sale of products. How color is used and measured is essential to perfecting each product. Consider the following: Product Development Sampling/Testing. Color is an integral part of product development. Will blended ingredients be able to produce a desired color? Will our current process be able to consistently reproduce this color? A reliable color measurement program optimzes research and development. Formulation and Process Ingredients/dyes. From...

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X-Rite provides a selection of tools to resolve a range of process issues. Issue: Non-contact measurement Solution: Non-Contact In-Line Measurement - Used directly in-line, ranging from economical color verification systems to robot-based multi-angle devices to ensure color quality. Color Support Tool: VS450 Issue: Flexibility, convenience Solution: Portable Instruments – Convenient, hand-held units that allow real-time color measurement anywhere in the process. This avoids the need to take samples — and waste material —as well as reduces waiting time. Color Support Tool: MA98 Issue:...

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Non-Contact Solutions VS450 A 45°/0° non-contact benchtop spectrophotometer designed for color and gloss measurement on wet and dry samples Features an integrated gloss sensor for relative gloss measurements, and when used with iMatch formulation software, provides wet to dry correlation for improved QC and formulation throughput. Product Advantages: Ability to measure at a distance from the sample without contact Օ Line of Site visibility to the sample enabling technicians to quickly and easily position the sample for measurement ٕ Active Visual Targeting that projects a prominent...

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For evaluating color performance and measurement standards, X-Rite maintains fully accredited laboratories throughout the world. Each is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO / IEC 17025 and also meets additional program requirements in the field of calibration. Comprehensive Laboratory Service Munsell Color FM 100 Hue test The industry standard for developing a clear, precise color specification program. Munsell Color allows you to specify, produce, and consistently match the color standard you select for your process. The Munsell Color Order System is...

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L10-413 (11/09) X-Rite World Headquarters Grand Rapids, Michigan USA • (800) 248-9748 • +1 616 803 2100 © 2009, X-Rite, Incorporated. All rights reserved. The health and beauty industry presents both challenges and opportunities. Color continues to play a significant role. X-Rite offers you the expertise and technology to make the most of your color opportunities...right from the start. For more information, visit The Color of Success

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