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A Fresh Approach To Balancing Color Solutions for food color analysis and verification Cie L*70.33 a* 36.11 b* 70.14

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Color is a difference maker. Whether establishing a corporate identity, a brand, a new product, color illuminates, engages, and creates a memorable first impression that distinguishes your image or product from everyone else’s. It is, for many, the defining element of your product and corporate personality. Ensuring consistent color accuracy is one of the single most critical factors in maintaining market share. X-Rite is a global leader in quantitative color measurement and visual analysis. We pioneer innovative solutions that are scalable from a single location to a global, multi-facility...

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Enjoy the Sweet Taste Of Success Food is all about color. Think about how much time is spent on food photography. On food packaging. On food presentation. Think about how consumers view the foods they consume. Research studies show that a rich, vibrant color is an indicator of quality, of freshness, of taste. A brighter orange suggests better tasting orange juice. A brighter red indicates fresher tomatoes. Processed foods, dependent on image and brand loyalty, must maintain a consistent look and appearance every time. Easy enough said, but getting the color right consistently is a demanding...

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X-Rite provides a selection of tools to meet a range of process requirements. Benchtop Instruments – Primarily used in a central lab for validation of incoming products. They are also often used where special requirements exist, such as the need to measure color on uneven surfaces or shapes. Solutions: Color i7, Color i5 Non-Contact Solutions — Convenient measurement option for lab use, such as evaluating raw material or product samples. Solution: VS450 Non-Contact In-Line Solutions — Used directly in-line, ranging from economical color verification systems to precise laboratory grade...

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Benchtop Instruments Color i7 Benchtop Spectrophotometer A next-generation reference instrument that facilitates precise digital color analysis over a wide variety of levels, including coated and liquid samples. An on-board system monitors instrument performance and can calibrate and certify without need for additional service. Color i5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer A rugged design for accurate, high-volume production measurement. The i5 is ideal for evaluating an extensive range of sample sizes, shapes, and textures. Self-diagnostic and auto-configure functions ensure consistent performance....

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For evaluating color performance and measurement standards and X-Rite maintains fully accredited laboratories throughout the world. Each is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO / IEC 17025 and also meets additional program requirements in the field of calibration. Comprehensive Laboratory Service Munsell Color Order System The industry standard for developing a clear, precise color specification program for a wide range of foods. Munsell Color allows you to specify, produce, and consistently match USDA color standards. Macbeth SpectraLight® III (SPL III)...

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The food industry presents both challenges and opportunities. Color continues to play a significant role. X-Rite offers you the expertise and technology to make the most of your color opportunities...right from the start. For more information, visit The Color of Success X-Rite World Headquartersquartersquarters Grand Rapids, Michigan USA • (800) 248-9748 • +1 616 803 2100 © 2010, X-Rite, Incorporated. All rights reserved. L10-428 (06/10)

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