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How do you choose a measurement instrument? Color management solutions for the cosmetics industry

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Before selecting a colorimetric measurement solution it is good to ask the right questions. By answering these questions, you can orient your choice towards a specific measurement device model. The choice of a measurement device will depend on 4 major criteria: 1. The samples to be measured 2. Standards and recommendations 3. The function of the device in the company 4. The investment budget Measuring, controlling and formulating the appearance of cosmetic products are a real industrial challenge and a genuine problem. It is necessary to select a technology that is suited to the nature of...

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LIPSTICK Lipstick is a product that is often opaque in mass but which can be transparent, translucid or opaque after application. It is colored by pigments or colorings, with a high degree of brilliance, using traditional coloring substances or pigments with effects (variation in the color depending on the angle of observation). Verifying the appearance of this type of product is complex, because it is difficult to measure the brilliance and texture. Color control can be performed in 3 ways and represent 3 states: • The grape color: corresponding to the most important aspect, because this...

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Cosmetic Applications Cosmetic products range in material from powders to pastes, all of which are difficult to measure with traditional contact based instruments. Sample presentation methods such as glass barriers often distort the appearance of the material. VS450 eliminates this surface distortion with its unique ability to measure without contact, yielding truer results more representative of what the eye sees. VS450 Non-contact spectrophotometer with gloss sensor 12mm 6mm Dual Aperture Sizes (shown actual size) Special ‘Non-contact I-View’: This makes it possible to measure foundation...

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How do you choose a measurement instrument? MA98 Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer PARTICULAR EFFECTS Cosmetic applications are characterized by their chromatic attributes on the one hand, i.e. tonality, saturation and clarity, but also by their geometrical attributes, brilliance, luster, veiling and flash. As a result, we note a major variation in the proposed effects, which are characterized by differences in the spatial distribution of the reflected light. As examples, we observe: • Effects due to transparency • Effects due to diffusion (soft focus effects, etc.) • Effects due to...

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Color i5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer PERFUMES AND LOTIONS Most of the time perfumes and lotions are colored solutions that are perfectly transparent and very rarely translucid. Color control for perfumes and lotions can only performed in liquid form and corresponds to the sole judgment of the color that we have for these products. Color control allows assurance of color conformity, but also makes it possible to verify other physico-chemical characteristics (concentration, nature, evolution of batches of raw materials, natural or synthetic aromas, etc.). Perfumes and lotions can be verified...

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X-Color QC Software Application The One Solution For Color Quality Control Organize and control color data for all types of surfaces, coatings, and paints in a single, flexible platform with X-Color QC, a new generation of color management technology from X-Rite. X-Color QC gives you the freedom to efficiently control color quality while reducing the margin for error. No need for separate systems. No need to try and patch different programs together. No need to continu¬ally reset instruments and product color palettes for each user. X-Color QC lets you take control, including security and...

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Macbeth Lighting Color Viewing Technology Daylight is the sole source of light which does not disturb our color analysis. Daylight is not constant and varies depending on: weather conditions, the season and the time during the day Color control should be possible everywhere: in the workshop, in the laboratory and in offices, outdoors as well as indoors and in any location whatsoever. A light booth is therefore needed Filtered Tungsten Halogen Choose One Lighting Systems DAYLIGHT HORIZON FLUORESCENT INCANDESCENT UV SPL III • • D50/D65/D75 • Cool White plus • UV Light Alone/ TL84 or U30 UV...

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How do you choose a measurement instrument? Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test Do you know how well color evaluators can see color? The FM100 Hue Test is an easy-to-administer test and a highly effective method for measuring an individual’s color vision. Used by industry for over 40 years, the test is used to evaluate and rank color acuity. This portable, 15-minute test analyzes how accurately you see color. The easy-to-use scoring software indicates where you have a color vision deficiency such as color blindness. About the Test The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test itself is used to separate...

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NetProfiler 2.0 Instrument Management Software Maintain the accuracy and consistency of measuring devices with a system that allows you to automatically test, measure, and profile your instruments over the internet. Using sophisticated software and certified physical standards, the system takes just minutes to produce performance statistics on every instrument within a network. NetProfiler Advantages • Profile Accuracy. Maintain instrument quality, uptime, and reliability throughout an entire network • Diagnostic Reliability. Sophisticated remote diagnostic tools are available to run on a...

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How do you choose a measurement instrument? ACCESSORIES Measurement must be representative of the pursued goal and must also be meaningful. It is therefore necessary to adapt the preparation and presentation of the sample to the measurement. To do this, each cosmetic product in each form must lead to reflection so that the measurement instrument is suited to the sample concerned. For mass measurement, standard accessories are found for: • Measurement of powders • Measurement of liquids • Measurement of non-level items It is necessary to select an application mode for measurement after...

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