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Benchtop Sphere Spectrophotometer

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Ci7000 Series Industry-Leading Benchtop Sphere Spectrophotometer 1 Easy-to-read LED status panel provides real-time instrument status. Embedded NetProfiler status verifies the device is in an optimized state via NetProfiler. Sample positioning arm and fixturing capabilities minimize sample presentation variability. Video and door preview allows the operator to view the exact targeted spot. Video preview through Color iQC enables operator to capture an image of the measurement. Built-in storage drawer ensures all calibration media and aperture plates are stored with the device to maintain...

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Ci7000 Series Our industry-leading benchtop sphere spectrophotometer helps accelerate color approvals and reduce color rejections through features that provide procedural and operational efficiencies as well as color measurement consistency and accuracy. Built on a history of innovation, the Ci7000 Series offers the latest color measurement technology available, combining the newest advances in 2D CCD array technology with sophisticated processing capabilities to deliver the industry’s most accurate and repeatable color measurement. Ci7000 Series Benchtop Sphere Spectrophotometer | 3

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CONFIDENCE IN COLOR MEASUREMENT The Ci7000 Series delivers industry-leading repeatability of ≤0.01 Delta E and inter-instrument agreement as tight as ≤0.06 Delta E to establish and achieve the strictest color standards for each stage of the product development process, from formulation to final production to quality control. Unmatched Color Accuracy and Precision Versatile Color Measurement Measure color and appearance of opaque, transparent, translucent, and fluorescent samples. Measure a wide range of samples sizes with multiple reflectance and transmission aperture plates.* Fasten a wide...

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OPTIMIZE OPERATOR PERFORMANCE The Ci7000 Series is more stable, delivers repeatable performance and is easier to service than any other benchtop sphere spectrophotometer on the market. For brands, this means measurement reliability across the supply chain. Increase Operator Confidence Maximize Productivity Optimize Instrument Performance Delivers consistent configuration across all locations and eliminates the potential for error using automated, software-driven setup. Minimize downtime with easy and complete global on-site or near-site maintenance and service. Speed measurement time and...

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TOTAL COLOR SOLUTION Digital Color Standard Specification Global Quality Control By delivering the most accurate possible digital color specification to suppliers across even the most complex supply chain, brands can reduce costly errors and rework while speeding time to market. The powerful combination of the Ci7000 Series and Color iQC software helps ensure consistent color quality throughout the workflow so final products meet color expectations. Whether approving production samples or finished goods, Color iQC can adapt to any workflow for fast, easy, and accurate color control. When...

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A Benchtop Sphere Spectrophotometer For Every Workflow Ci7500/Ci7520 Reflectance-only benchtop ideal for laboratory or quality control applications that measure opaque samples. Ideal for color quality control, improves color measurement, management, communication and reporting. Supply chain instrument of choice, delivering an inter-instrument agreement of .08 to meet the tightest tolerances. The most advanced color measurement instrument in the market, delivering .06 average dE inter-instrument agreement. Spectral Range Standard Reflectance Apertures Plates Standard Transmission Apertures...

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Your Global Color Partner We recognize that great color portrays great quality and know that your success hinges on the consistent and accurate production of this color. With so many places for color to go wrong, it can be hard to know how to get it right. That’s where we can help. By blending the art and science of color, we help you achieve the highest level of color integrity so your product – and your customer’s product – comes out ahead. Global Headquarters Manufacturing and R&D X-Rite Service Center Certified Service Partners End-To-End Solutions We provide solutions that span the...

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