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Paint Color Solutions X-Rite CAPSURE™ Portable Color Measurement Tool

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The revolutionary handheld color measurement tool that accurately reads color on a wide range of surfaces and materials to produce a precise match with any of thousands of colors from available electronic fan decks. CAPSURE is lightweight and easy to use. With minimal training, paint department employees can help customers identify colors on walls, carpets, furniture, flooring, clothing — virtually any inspiration object. CAPSURE can also isolate colors within a multi-colored pattern for developing matching or complementary color palettes. Color information can be recorded and saved for...

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Portable Color Measurement Tool Product Features: • Easy to Use. Intuitive, operable with minimal training with onboard tutorial • Quick, Accurate. Preview samples before measurement; zoom in to manually select specific areas or automatically identify the dominant shades from detailed and multicolored samples • Comprehensive. Identifies colors from a wide range of surfaces, materials and fabrics, including accurate reads from multi-colored patterns • Portable, Convenient. Goes wherever you need to go; lightweight and powered with a USB rechargeable battery • Saves Data, Saves Time. Stores...

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X-Rite World Headquarterseadquarterseadquarters Grand Rapids, Michigan USA • (800) 248-9748 • +1 616 803 2100 • © 2010, X-Rite, Incorporated. All rights reserved. L3-208 (03/10) X-Rite is a world leader in color measurement, management and communication technology for retail applications. We lead the industry in offering service options to ensure uninterrupted performance of all X-Rite products. Training and educational resources are available globally and on line for both new and experienced users to optimize their color measurement capabilities. Visit for more...

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