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Guide TS450 Thermal Rifle Scope


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TS SeriesThermal Rifle Scope Introduce TS Series is an economical civilian infrared thermal imaging riflescope that includes 25mm/35mm/50mm objective lenses. With 400x300 pixel TEC metal-encapsulated thermal detector, it can detect longer range and capture vivid images of higher clarity. TS thermal riflescope also features with compact size, waterproof and dustproof, high shock resistance, rugged and durable, which performs impressively in any harsh weather. Features and Benefits Excellent imaging performance, with 17^m@400x300 TEC metal-encapsulated thermal detector for crisper images. o Rugged and durable, IP67 degree of protection, high shock resistance, no fears of harsh weather. o Zoom in on the center of the reticle, and the relative position of the aiming point and the reticle remains unchanged to ensure the aiming accuracy. o 50Hz high frame rate, ensuring capture smooth and vivid image during fast motion of observer or object of observation. o 1024x768 resolution AMOLED eyepieces, colorful and detailed images Battery-mount user-friendly design, both side can be mounted, change battery easily in darkness. Application o Outdoor Observing o Law Enforcement

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Guide TS450 Thermal Rifle Scope - 2

Specifications Model Detector Type Focal Length Manual Focus Display Display Color 0.39-inch OLED Display, 1024×768 Exit pupil distance 48mm, eyepiece magnification 14× Video Output System External Video Display Full color video output by external interface, with menu Imaging Frame Rate Digital Zoom 2×,4× White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot 1, Red Hot 2, Red Hot 3, Green Hot, Blue Hot On/off,the position is adjustable Color Palettes Picture-in-picture Functions hotspot tracking Yes Auto Compensation / Shutter Compensation / Scene Compensation 25m/50m/100m Stadiametric rangefinder Compensation...

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