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Technical Specifications XL-Class Vibrating Screens

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General Information Today’s markets have increasingly been demanding higher production rates in form of bigger machines as well as superior machine availability. Traditional shaft driven technology reaches its limitations at a determined width due to the mechanical deflection of the shaft resulting in unacceptable bearing lifetimes. TYCAN’s solution to the market’s demands and the technological limitations of the shaft technology is the exciter driven XL-Class. The exciter is a completely incased drive unit consisting of short shafts supported by closely positioned bearings. Mounted on a...

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Figure 1 FEA Analysis Models Critical Stresses

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Features (Figure 3) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Drive System: Linear Motion Mechanical Oscillators (Exciter units) Drive Transmission System: V-Belts and pulleys or Direct Drive accompanied with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Drive Unit: Electric Motor Bearing lifetime: Up to 50,000 (application dependant) Drive Lubrication: Oil bath Width: 4’ to 14’ Length: 8’ to 36’ Decks: Up to 3 max Inclination: -3 to 10 degrees Operating Speed: Adjustable frequency of 750 to 1050 RPM Cut Sizes: ¼” to 5” Capacity: Up to 15000 t/h Linear motion exciter provides linear stroke throw Solid HUCK™...

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Side Plate/Reinforcing Plate (Figure 4) high strength carbon steel (ASTM A-36) reinforced in critical areas with additional plates and channels high degree of rigidity due to double bend formed edges ties in all decks to form a more rigid body two body brackets serve as stiffeners in the mounting region of the screen the entire assembly is integrated by the use of highly durable HUCK™ bolt Reinforcing Piote Reinforcing Chonnel Figure 4 Side Plate Assembly

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Screen Panel (Figure 5) • HUCK™-Bolted screen body fastening for extra strength and rigidity • two-bend side rail • rails available to accommodate suitable media o flat deck e.g. perforated plate or rubber deck o rails for urethane style panels set up for pin and sleeve arrangement or rails to accept grooved media o side tensioned media • Finger Deck screen panel (Figure 6) to accommodate Finger Deck media Figure 5 Screen Panel

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Figure 6 Finger Deck Screen Panel • reinforced with gussets • accommodates liners to increase life of feed box

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Bridge (Figure 8) The main exciter support is a vital part of an XL-Class vibrating machine. The bridge transmits dynamic forces from the exciters through the entire structure. Special design in conjunction with optimum installation location of the bridge assures harmonious operation of the vibrating screen. In addition, the rigid, welded frame also stiffens the upper region of the screen while being HUCK™ bolted to the side plates. The bridge is complete with machined exciter seats to ensure superior mating of the exciter to the bridge. Figure 8 Bridge Drive The motor of the XL-CLASS may...

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Figure 9 Ty-Rider Motorbase Benefits of Ty-Rider Motorbases: • automatic compensation of belt elongation which leads to constant, ideal belt • slip-free torque transmission • easily change belts without pulley realignment • reduces wear on bearings, pulleys & belts • allows a high degree of deflection which reduces equipment damage Exciter Description • The load bearing capacity of the MU exciter consists of a nodular cast iron casing incorporating the housings for the roller bearings on which the two shafts run. The casing is provided with drilled mounting feet which allow for bolting to...

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Figure 10 Exciter • Ground spur gears are keyed on the central part of the shafts. These gears ensure the synchronized counter-rotation of the shafts. The counterweights, which generate the oscillatory straight line movement, are keyed on the shaft outside the bearings. • The load bearing casing also acts as a sump for the oil used in lubricating the gears and bearings. The inside of the casing is fully coated with oil resistant/ anti-noise paint. The casing is of adequate capacity and shape to ensure lubrication of the various parts for any type of mounting arrangement (horizontal,...

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• The casing is fitted with breather and oil drain plugs (the latter are of the magnetic type) plus the oil fill plug. The exciter is supplied with a dipstick for • The counterweights are drilled with holes for additional steel or lead weights designed to allow variations In the static moment of the exciter. • All nuts, bolts and screws used are of high strength type (minimum R 80 Kg/mm2 For the exciter to operate it must be connected to an external motor. Depending on the weight and dimensions of the vibrating machine it is possible to connect two or more exciters in series. The exciters...

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perpendicular to the ideal axis of connection of the two shafts. Figure 12 Resulting Linear Motion of Counter-Rotating Weights Mounting Options The normal installation position for a horizontal type of screen is at zero degrees and the maximum deviation corresponds to minus 3 degrees and plus 10 degrees. The XL-Class screen comes with two installation options: 1. Floor mounted nests of coil springs used in conjunction with brake unit The brake unit Is necessary when mounting with coil springs in order to provide lateral stability and control machine movement during start up and shut down.

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Figure 13 Coil Springs and Brake Unit 2. Floor mounted with Ty-Rider mounts (Figure 14).

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14 Ty-Rider Mounted XL Class Ty-Rider Advantage Ty-Rider mounts are offered as an alternative to conventional spring mounting systems. Ty-Rider mounts are based upon the principle of four elastomeric elements inside the base of each oscillating unit. The elements transmit the oscillations of a system, while simultaneously damping vibration, shock, and noise. Due to the unique design, neither shear nor bending stresses occur at the support points, assuring long life. Figure 15 Double Ty-Rider Configuration The key features of Ty-Rider mounts that are superior to coil springs are:

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