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Wire Cloth

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Industrial Wire Cloth And Media Products

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W.S. TYLER CANADA LTD. Screening Technology by Screening Specialists Woven Wire Screening Media Hook Types Cobra Vibe TM Screens Double T TM Alloys for Wire Screens Square and Slotted Openings Cobra Slot TM and Ty-Clean TM Other Replacement Screens Engineered Screening Media Tyrethane Products Perforated Plate Ty-Dura Rubber Ty-Harp Screens Laboratory Equipment Ro-Tap ® Test Sieve Shakers Testing Sieves CPA-Computer Particle Analyzer Fine Screening and Filtration Products Architecture & Design TYCAN ® Vibrating Screen Division

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SCREENING TECHNOLOGY by SCREENING SPECIALISTS Screening Technology by Screening Specialists As the most recent addition to the Haver group in 1998, W.S. TYLER CANADA LTD. focuses on the development of high-tech screening solutions. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario and with additional operations in Edmonton, Alberta and Montreal, Quebec, it is W.S. TYLER’s philosophy to design, engineer and manufacture technology according to application and customer specification rather than to offer standard off-the-shelf products. Dedicated to the motto “Screening Technology by Screening Specialists”...

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HOOK TYPES FOR SCREEN SECTIONS Hook Types for Screen Sections Bent Edge Bent Edge with Metal Insert These hooks are standard products, custom made hooks are available on request. End Tension Hook with Rubber Seal

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SQUARE AND SLOTTED OPENINGS Square and Slotted Openings Plain Weave With any opening the wire diameter determines the open area and thus the screening capacity of a screen section. Combinations of opening and wire diameter require specific crimping dies to ensure high quality screens. W.S. TYLER CANADA carries a wide range of crimping dies. We offer our customers the best crimp for the required specification and application. In Canada, we weave square openings from 100 Mesh (0.0060” opening) to 6” and larger if required. W.S. TYLER also invented the Ton-Cap® and Ty-Rod® screens, whose...

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TYLER COBRA VIBE SCREENS TM Self Cleaning Screens Cobra Vibe TM Screens Tyler Cobra Vibe ScreensTM are high production wire screens developed to enhance cleaning and non-blinding action, using independently vibrating warp wires. The various designs provide screening accuracy close to traditional wire mesh in square or slotted openings. They significantly reduce blinding and pegging in severe applications. Cobra VibeTM PQ Tyler Cobra Vibe ScreensTM are custom-fabricated to meet customer requirements - no deck modification is required. The straight and horizontally crimped wires provide a...

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Cobra Slot Whenever passing flats and elongated pieces are not a concern, Cobra SlotTM is an attractive screening media. On a sidetensioned machine, the alternating straight and intercrimped warp wires provide a good material agitation. The specially designed layout provides wire-movements within the crimps for enhanced cleaning action. The shute wires are custom-placed on the bar-rails of your screening machine for maximum open area. Typical applications for Cobra SlotTM are “Desanding natural bank run material” and “Removing fines from crushed material”. For applications in which...

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ALLOYS FOR WIRE SCREENS Double T TM This crimping and weaving design offers extended wear life in high impact areas. Double TTM is the ideal scalping media when a regular Heavy Duty Square Opening is too light and a Perforated Plate is too heavy or too expensive. The unique crimps provide excellent product shifting, allowing fines to pass quickly. Less fines in the crusher will consequently extend the lifetime of your manganese sections. ® Double TTM is manufactured in our Ty-Pro Wire and comes in openings from 1” to 5”. Other openings are available upon request. Alloys for Wire Screens...

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OTHER REPLACEMENT SCREENS Pre-Tensioned Frames Round and rectangular pre-tensioned screens are used for fine particle separation in dry and wet screening processes, e.g. for drainage and drilling mud. We supply complete screen frames for these screening machines. An optimum tensioning of round and rectangular screens is essential for their service life and the capacity of the screening machine. The screening equipment developed by HAVER & BOECKER guarantees uniform tensioning of these screens. We also re-screen your frames. The used or damaged screen will be carefully cleaned and then...

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Ty-Max Tensionable Polyurethane Screen Panels • Up to 7% increase in open area over conventional urethane tension screens with no sacrifice in wear life • Deck modification from wire cloth is not required • Polyurethane bar rail liners are included with each screen • Also available: Ty-Max Lite for light to medium applications with overall thickness of .625” • Multiple thicknesses and durometers are available Ty-Deck Panels • Available in 1’x1’ and 1’x4’ panels • 1’x4’ panels have up to 10% increased open area over traditional modular designs • Available in cast and injection-molded...

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PERFORATED PLATE Perforated Plate Available Options: • 1/4” to 1” thick plate • Materials QT100 or QT400 • Square, round or hexagonal openings • Straight and staggered patterns • Hooks and Arching • Hold-Down Location Holes Ty-Dura Rubber Available Options: • 5 mm to 38 mm thick rubber • Square, round or oval openings • Straight and staggered patterns • Tapered openings • Metal hooks and angle tension Ty-Harp with our Tyrethane® Adjustable Slider Bar and Tyrethane Support Rail System Features • High tensile spring steel and stainless steel wires • 5/64” to 7/16” openings (2 mm to 12 mm) •...

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LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Product Line • • • • • Ro-Tap® Test Sieve Shakers HAVER-TYLER Test Sieve Shakers Test Sieves: 3” to 8” diameter Sieving Accessories Certification and Matching Services W.S. TYLER has been manufacturing Test Sieves since the early 1900’s. The W.S. TYLER Company was instrumental in developing the standards which govern the industry today. Test Sieves are made to the current ASTM and ISO specifications. The sieve cloth used in production is exclusively woven by HAVER & BOECKER and W.S. TYLER, assuring consistent high quality products....

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