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Tripod Stands Product Overview Wolf's range of tripods are lightweight, easily transportable and will extend a lamp to a maximum height of 3.2 metres. Once assembled a tripod gives a stable platform allowing the LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires, Portable Fluorescent Leadlamps, LED Floodlites and XT Flood Bank Stands to be used at a variety of heights and positions. The tripod allows the positioning of a lamp to deliver vertical or horizontal forward facing light or in the horizontal position the light can be directed upwards illuminating the work area from the underside. Three models available: - Lightweight – Steel (Black Painted) – max. height 1.85m - Medium Duty - Steel (Plated) – max. height 2.4m - Heavy Duty – Steel (Plated) – max. height 3.2m A mounting bracket is required for the LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire and Portable Fluorescent Leadlamp to attach to the tripod and position the lamp either horizontally or vertically. An optional mounting bracket is available for the LinkEx™ LED Floodlites and XT Flood Bank Stands (for the Medium and Heavy Duty Tripods only) to attach to the lamp/tripod and facilitate an easy removal of the lamp for frequent positioning at ground level. IMPA Code 33 19 42 / 33 19 32 - LL-680 33 19 33 - LL-690, 33 19 34 - LL-695 Technical Specification Product Reference Product Description Material Lightweight Tripod Stand Medium Duty Tripod Stand Heavy Duty Tripod Stand Steel - Black Painted Steel - Plated

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Mounting Bracket LL-669 (optional) For frequent removal from tripod and repositioning of lamp at ground level. All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate. Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request. Wolf Safety Lamp Company, Saxon Road Works, Sheffield, S8 0YA, UK T: +44 (0) 114 255 1051 E:

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