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Product Overview Wolf's extensive range of positioning, mounting and protection accessories, encompassing fixing kits, films and cable management, for the LinkEx™ Portable Fluorescent Leadlamp (LL-500) give workers more secure temporary installation solutions for lighting in hazardous area working environments. Fixing Kits The fixing kits give flexible and sturdy mounting and positioning options for temporary applications - putting the leadlamp exactly where it is needed. - Magnet Kit - With magnet pads grip to ferrous metal surfaces. Universal Kit - With eye bolt and carabiner suspend horizontally or vertically from existing infrastructure. Tripod Kit - With fixing bar attach horizontally or vertically to tripod stand. Hanging Straps - With straps hang from existing infrastructure. Tripods and Stands For standalone leadlamp positioning, Wolf's 4-Leg Stand gives optimum stability, allowing the cable entry and linking sockets to be ideally placed for linking in series and keep the lamp in a raised position away from any residue. It is an ideal solution for the 4 x 36W lamp to provide 360° output in the centre of the working site. In addition, the tripods give a stable platform allowing the leadlamp to be attached with the Tripod Kit and used at a variety of heights and positions to deliver vertical or horizontal forward facing light, in the horizontal position the light can be directed upwards, illuminating the work area from the underside. The range of Tripod Stands available are lightweight, easily transportable, made from steel and will extend a lamp to a height of up to 3.2 metres to maximise light area coverage for workers. Films / Cable Management Not only is the positioning and mounting of leadlamps key to worker efficiency but also the protection of the tube from damage to ensure its longevity, in optimal condition, for repeat usage. Wolf leadlamps are used regularly in blasting, jetting, coating and painting applications and are protected from residue build-up by the use of a Protective Film, easily replaced between uses to ensure the product is delivering maximum light output without obstructions. Finally, to keep the working area free from potential trip hazards, cable can be managed using a Magnet Cable Tidy to elevate it from the ground along a

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ferrous metal surface. If you require something different to suit a particular hazardous area need, whether a variation to our existing range or a totally new accessory for a unique application and environment, please contact us to discuss the development of a practical and safe accessory solution. Technical Specification Product Reference Product Description Hanging Straps (2 per pack) Protective Film Protective Film Magnet Cable Tidy (1 per pack) All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate. Changes may be made to the...

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