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WORLD’S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF HAZARDOUS AREA PORTABLE & TEMPORARY LIGHTING Product Overview Features & Benefits THE LINKEx™ WF-300®XL LED FLOODLITE IS A HIGH PERFORMANCE, ROBUST, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE FLOODLITE FOR USE IN POTENTIALLY EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES. IT DELIVERS AN OUTSTANDING LEVEL OF WHITE LIGHT AND IS FULLY COMPLIANT WITH THE LATEST ATEX AND IECEx STANDARDS, INCLUDING OPIS - OPTICAL INTRINSIC SAFETY. FITTED WITH WOLF’S UNIQUE SOVI SYSTEM TO ENSURE SAFE OPERATION, THE FLOODLITE IS CERTIFIED FOR SAFE USE IN ZONE 1, T4, IIC, -40°C TO +55°C AMBIENT, HAZARDOUS GAS, VAPOUR, MIST OR DUST ENVIRONMENTS. The WF-300®XL produces a class leading 6,378 lumens of bright white light which effectively illuminates the workspace, using a low power consumption of 55(LV)/62(HV) watts. Shadowing is reduced by multiple light sources - two independent drivers and two independent LED panels of 18 LEDs with each LED having an encapsulated optical device. This patented design gives a 33-degree beam angle which gives long distance and wide area illumination. The high reliability LEDs are designed to give over 100,000 hours life, with LED life being assured by efficient heat dissipation through built in fins and electronic thermal control. The independent panel and driver system provide failsafe reliability, ensuring operators are never left in the dark should one of the panels fail. User safety is further increased with the unique Safe Optimal Voltage Indicator (SOVI) which alerts the user by pulsing the beam if the lights are running outside the certified and optimal voltage ranges, maximising both safety and performance. The user can therefore link together multiple mains Floodlites, safe in the knowledge that they are operating within the certified voltage range. In addition, both the HV and LV Floodlites are certified safe down to 0 volts. The WF-300®XL is cable powered and available in two voltage options: 18-50V AC/DC and 90-264V AC/DC. Both versions come fitted with 10 metres of SY cable with an ATEX plug, with other options available. The high voltage version can be fitted with a LinkEx socket enabling up to 20 lights to be linked together in a daisy chain and powered from a single power source to illuminate large tanks and tunnels. ■ Fully compliant with latest ATEX and IECEx standards, including OPIS optical intrinsic safety. ■ High reliability LEDs - designed and tested to give 100,000+ hours life ■ Thermal management - LED life assured by efficient heat dissipation through built in fins and electronic control ■ Dual independent LED system - LEDs powered by independent drivers giving failsafe product reliability, ensuring that operators are never left in the dark ■ SOVI - the unique Safe Optimal Voltage Indicator system alerts the user if lights are running outside certified and optimal voltage ranges, maximising safety and performance ■ Safe to 0 volts - both LV and HV units are safe down to 0 volts ■ LINKEx capable - HV units can be fitted with linkable sockets enabling multiple lights to be connected in series from a single power source ■ IP66/67 dust and watertight ■ Proven materials - marine grade aluminium enclosure; toughened, scratch, impact and chemical resistant glass lens and 316 stainless steel frame. Designed for environments with a high risk of mechanical damage and with a simple design that is easy to clean and doesn't harbour dirt ■ Complementary product to existing range of LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire area lighting system ■ ATEX accessories - Every unit is supplied with two ATEX certified accessories; a lens guard and protection cover. Other accessories are also available.

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The WF-300®XL LED Floodlite is manufactured from materials tested and proven in the harshest environments and is ideal for Hazardous Area Temporary Lighting. The enclosure is made from marine grade aluminium; the lens is toughened, scratch, impact and chemical resistant glass. Further protection is offered by the frame which is constructed from 316 grade stainless steel with the lens and body being able to withstand an impact of 8 joules, four times the minimum requirement. The WF-300®XL is sealed dust tight and protected from water ingress with a certified IP66/67 enclosure. The WF-300®XL...

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Type 36 x White High Power LEDs Output (Lumens) Supplied with bridle, lamp stand, ATEX lens guard & ATEX protection cover ■ All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate. ■ Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request. Light Output Product Dimensions Medium Flood (33.5°) (as per Light Output Diagram) Light intensity at 2m 3573 lux, 5m 572 lux LV output at LED source - 8,447 Lumens LV output emitted from Floodlite - 6,129 HV output at LED source - 8,668 HV output...

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Wolf Safety Lamp Company, Saxon Road Works, Sheffield, S8 0YA, UK T: +44 (0) 114 255 1051 • F: +44 (0) 114 255 7988 E: •

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