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Lead Screws Supplying Precision Mechanical Components and Assemblies Specializing in both Customized and Standard Lead Screws • Quality Products • Technical experts ready to work with your engineers • Technical Experts to Help with Your Design • Quality products • Cost Effective Sub-Assembly Solutions • Quick prototype turnaround

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The Advantages of a Berg Lead Screw Made-to-order assemblies are a Berg Speciality. Nuts comprised of a variety of custom materials. • Customized nuts, assemblies and materials • Short lead time • High-lead thread — maximizes linear motion and minimizes shaft rotation • Low backlash (almost zero with anti-backlash nut) • High-axial stiffness • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating process — further reduces friction and unwanted noise • Nuts machined from Delrin® 100AF (13% PTFE) — provides excellent lubricity and wear resistance with or without additional lubrication • Made from...

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Berg’s Lead Screws W.M. Berg prides itself in offering you custom and standard lead screw assemblies. As a pioneer in the development of lead screws, Berg provides cost-effective, long-term solutions to linear actuation problems. These close tolerance, free-running nuts are ideal for miniature applications requiring rotary-to-linear, or linear-to-rotary actuation. Making Lead Screw Assemblies to Your Specifications Specializing in customized lead screw solutions to fit your specific needs, we also offer lead screws in standard diameters from 1/8 to 3/4 inches, with leads from .0500 to 1.875...

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Many Other Standard Pitch Diameters and Leads Available All Lead Screws with and without Anti-Backlash Nut General Specifications High Precision Lead Error .003 in (zero when using anti-backlash nut) Temperature Range Breakaway Torque Custom Pitch Diameters, Leads, Nuts, Assemblies and Materials also Available The following specification charts and drawings show all dimensions in inches and highlight just a sampling of our standard lead screw assembly offering. For quotes on metric sizes, customized options, and our many other standard pitch diameters and leads, please contact the factory...

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Sample Selection of Standard Lead Screws with Rectangular Nut (non anti-backlash) Stock Number Stock Number Stock Number Lead Screw Pitch Diameter - Lead Lead Lead Precision Precision Precision Sample Selection of Standard Lead Screws with Round Nut (non anti-backlash) Stock Number Stock Number Stock Number Lead Screw Pitch Diameter - Lead Lead Lead Precision Precision Precision Sample Selection of Standard Nuts (rectangular and round) Letter in column headers relate to line drawings below. Lead Screw Pitch Diameter ABCDE FGHI* Load Specifications are based on the following material: nut -...

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Highest Quality in Standard and Custom Manufacturing When you commit to Berg, you get a team of committed experts, all focused on your productivity and mindful of your time and timing. Whether your needs are standard, non-standard, or for custom parts, we can step in and provide excellent customer service, engineering support, as well as partner with you for future opportunities. 80,000 Standard Line Items Include: Gears / Bearings / Shafts / Pulleys / Belts / Sprockets / Chains / Clutches / Couplings / Linear Slides / Lead Screws / Gear Boxes / Fasteners / Hardware Our live customer...

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