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BeamCouplings Multi-Beam and Single-Beam Specializing In Customer-Specific Beam Couplings - Fast Quote Response - Quick Delivery - Custom Solutions

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Standard or special couplings - Wide variety of sizes - Quick delivery Call us with your quantities and needs at 1-800-232-BERG.

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Berg’s Beam Couplings W. M. Berg prides itself in offering custom solutions for OEMs. These single-piece beamed couplings are offered in single and multi-beam design to offer engineers the largest design criteria available. They are typically manufactured in stainless steel, aluminum or Delrin. Couplings can also be supplied with a keyway, as well as non-standard bore sizes, both in imperial and metric. Berg’s beam coupling series offer zero backlash and high torsional rigidity. They are ideal for precision positioning applications where constant velocity is required for accurate feedback...

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The Advantages of a Beam Coupling • One-piece construction – no mechanical joints • No backlash • Constant velocity • Torsionally rigid • High flexibility • Small and lightweight • High or low speeds • Not temperature sensitive • No lubrication • Unaffected by climactic conditions • Reversible Applications Where Beam Couplings Are Used • Encoders • Stepper Motors • Precision Ball Screws • Machine Tools • Robotics • Scientific Equipment • Measuring Instruments • Computers • Servo Systems • Optical Telescopes • Defense Systems • Medical Equipment • Appliances • Pumps • Valves • Fans

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Applications that have taken advantage of W.M. Berg’s customer-specific, custom coupling capabilities: Lowering Overall Costs In a beverage dispensing application, the OEM came to Berg with a need for a coupling that allowed for a large parallel offset for an ice stirring mechanism. Berg designed a coupling for the application, coming up with a solution that reduced the amount of parts needed while helping to prevent breakdowns. The customer was very happy with the simplicity of the solution. Designing for Your Business A computer manufacturer came to Berg with a requirement to isolate a...

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Highest Quality in Standard and Custom Manufacturing When you commit to Berg, you get a team of committed experts, all focused on your productivity and mindful of your time and timing. Whether your needs are standard, non-standard, or for custom parts, we can step in and provide excellent customer service, engineering support, as well as partner with you for future opportunities. 80,000 Standard Line Items Include: Gears / Bearings / Shafts / Pulleys / Belts / Sprockets / Chains / Clutches / Couplings Linear Slides / Lead Screws / Gear Boxes / Fasteners / Hardware Our live customer service...

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