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PUBLIC SAFETY Government/ Safety & Security

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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. About Winmate Founded in 1996, Winmate Inc. is a pioneer in rugged computing technology. Winmate has provided business leaders worldwide with reliable, robust solutions for the most challenging industrial conditions for over two decades. From R&D to manufacturing to in-house testing, Winmate Inc. manages the entire product development process with ready-made products available for quick deployment. Today Winmate's innovative approach has helped countless enterprises at every level with equipment automation and seamless Industrial Internet of...

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Public Safety solution - 3

Customized Solutions Years of experience allow Winmate to offer customized solutions for different applications. From product design to accessories, our engineering team designs and support the system integration process. • CUSTOMIZED CONFIGURATION • CUSTOM OS IMAGE • CUSTOM BIOS • ENCLOSURE DESIGN • PERIPHERALS AND OPTIONS • CUSTOM-DESIGNED ACCESSORIES Technical Know-How We understand that access to cutting-edge solutions purposely built for their applications is imperative for enterprises operating in rugged or potentially hazardous environments. As a result, Winmate locates its resources...

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Public Safety solution - 4

Government, Safety & Security Overview To ensure that Public Safety agencies such as Police, Fire, and EMS Emergency Medical services can operate effectively, public safety responders rely on radio communications. Our rugged mobile computers include: • Radio Gateway - RG 100 • 4" ARM A73 + A53 Rugged Handheld Computer - P400M9 • 4" Multi-mode PoC Radio with Barcode Reader-P400M9-DMRBH • 4" Multi-mode PoC Radios-P400M9-DMR • Larzio Cloud Service solution (powered by Winmate) Industrial Challenges As cities continue to develop, rapid increase in population poses new challenges to public...

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Public Safety solution - 5

MULTI-MODE ADVANCED POC RADIOS Built around the Android platform, Winmate PoC solutions gives the best of a modern mobile phone, including an intuitive and familiar interface. Access to all your favorite utilities and the ability to make mobile calls also browse the web. The P400M9 also incorporates all the essential features you would expect from a PoC radio, including dedicated PTT and emergency buttons, a talkgroup rocker switch, and long battery life. RADIO GATEWAY Winmate solves interoperability challenges with RG100 with voice and radio interoperability in a single tiny box. By...

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Public Safety solution - 6

Application Story Empowers Fire and EMS Departments Background Major forest fires involve multiple civil defense teams from the fire department, police, and medical services. Intercommunication between all emergency response teams is essential for coordinating rescue operations and timely medical assistance. However, the fire, police, and medical services use different communication devices on various radio networks, which results in a lack of interconnection between the teams. Winmate Radio gateway RG100 solves this problem by interconnecting both narrowband and broadband communication...

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Public Safety solution - 7

Background The 500km tunnels is vital to the Northern Ireland economy and has transported loT sensor data. For its cable tunnels operation, customers require seamless communication solutions to connect teams at any time. With Larzio APP cloud service and RG100 Radio Gateway, the events hosting staffs can contact the team with high efficiency and flexibility. With radios, telephones, and Apps, the team members can react promptly to any situation. Combines the benefits of radio and the Internet without changing the user pattern. Through Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and communication...

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Public Safety solution - 8

Application Story Rugged and Reliable Background Law enforcement officers are constantly in motion and essentially require fast and reliable information and communications. Winmate's L140TG rugged laptop makes it possible for police officers to turn their cars into mobile workplaces. When selecting a laptop, law enforcement agencies need to consider how this particular gadget works with all the applications they need to use for the task. These agile products enable officers to investigate and document an incident or accident, record witness accounts, and seamlessly retrieve and share this...

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Public Safety solution - 9

Application Story Advanced Deployment Background The old Hotel in Hualien, Taiwan, suddenly collapsed during the demolition. The whole building was lying horizontally across the street. With the casualties unknown, The Hualien County Police Department urgently reviewed footage of CCTV cameras along the road following reports that the building had crushed a scooter rider. Meanwhile, the Hualien County Fire Department’s Special Search Brigade activated the search and rescue plan program using a life detector to confirm the location. Winmate offers a rugged tablet computer that supports in-car...

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Public Safety solution - 10

Application Story Access Critical Information Background According to information gathered by the United States Fire Administration, Fire kills over 3,000 people each year in America and causes billions of dollars in damage. Firefighters must constantly monitor the situation while getting relevant information from the central command center and local fire stations directly to the fire trucks. Attracted by Winmate's credibility as the premier supplier of rugged enterprise mobility and industry-leading services, a fire department of metropolitan areas in Northern Europe bought Winmate's...

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Public Safety solution - 11

P500M9 Series Rugged Handheld Computer Custom Configuration Minimi? ^IIIIIIIJj |rFID| Reader Reader (DRMBH) R£C€ROBUST AND RELIABLE.99 • 5" 1280 x 720 Resolution • CortexA73 + CortexA53 (Octacore up to 2.0 GHz) • Android 11 Limitless Communication Optional 1D/2D Barcode Reader for data collection Optimized Mechanism Design for handheld FAST COMMUNICATIONS WITH WIDE RANGE NETWORKS The P500M9 offers network versatility, freeing users from specific mobile operators for enhanced flexibility and convenience in harsh environments. It also delivers faster data transfer and reduced latency,...

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