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FSD-3 - 1

Flow measurement with the calorimetric measuring principle

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FSD-3 - 2

The flow switch with the calorimetric measuring principle Whether to protect a pump from running dry or to monitor a coolant circuit, the cooling lubricant supply or the filter throughput − the FSD-3 is always the best choice. Take a closer look at the new flow switch with the calorimetric measuring principle. Flow and temperature monitoring The FSD-3 flow switch offers countless application possibilities. Switching and analogue signals for flow and temperature can be combined in numerous ways. Whether loss of flow, increase in flow, media overheating, leakage or filter blocking, the FSD-3...

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FSD-3 - 3

Wear-free & low-maintenance The FSD-3 acts without any moving parts. If media resistance of the probe in the medium is given, any wear-out is eliminated. In media that are prone to film formation, the ease of cleaning the probe ensures reliable long-term flow monitoring. 3-in-1 combination for all requirements Flow switch, trend indicator and display unit − the FSD-3 features all of these in a single instrument, through the extensive options of switching and analogue signals in combination with the integrated 14-segment LED display. Linear, parameterisable 0 ... 100 % measuring signal The...

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FSD-3 - 4

Calorimetric flow switch with display, analogue and switching outputs Special features Control of cooling lubricant systems Reliable flow monitoring of liquid media Monitoring of coolant circuits Control of filter units Switching and analogue outputs for flow, temperature and diagnostics Easily parameterisable via the local indication Free from wear, without any moving parts in the medium Quick order code (you can find further possible variants in data sheet FL 80.01) Field no. 1x switching output flow (PNP) 1x switching output flow (NPN) 1x switching output temperature (PNP) 1x switching...

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