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L20/L25Side Mounted Kynar Plastic Liquid Level Switch OVERVIEW The Whitman Controls L20 / L25 Series Side Mounted Kynar Plastic Liquid Level Switches are typically used with solvents and certain bases. The side mount provides added versatility, allowing the switch to be used as a high or low level indicator, and plastic body provides use up to 100 PSI. These are most often used in many O.E.M. and various other custom industrial applications. These are available with several options as specified by the user. • Whitman Red Seal potting submersible to a NEMA 6 rating • Kynar Plastic • Side mounted • Extensive operating temperature range • SPST availability Wetted Materials: Kynar Plastic Minimum Liquid Specific Gravity: 1.00 Liquid Temperature range: -40oF to +180oF Max System Pressure: 100 PSIG Electrical Switch Rating: 50 VA Weight: 5oz (approx.) PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS *Actuation point is roughly midway of float travel in liquid with a specific gravity of approximately 1.0 CAUTION: Customer Media and environment must be compatible with construction materials as outlined above

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Liquid Level SwitchesLiquid Level Information The Whitman Controls full line of quality liquid level switches are factory sealed with our Red Seal potting compound, allowing submersibility to a NEMA 6 rating. Every switch meets our high quality standards and rigorous internal testing requirements, providing the end user confidence in the performance of our offering. Our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System combined with extensive experience in related products, means greater assurance that Whitman Liquid Level Switches will deliver accuracy and reliability year after year. The...

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Liquid Level Switch Selection Guide The chart below gives an overview of our liquid level switch product catalog at Whitman, and the functionality of each of our levels. Depending on your minimum liquid specific gravity, wetted materials, temperature range, and maximum system pressure, you will find a switch that will meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Steps Required for Identifying the Right Liquid Level Switch for your Application: Step 1: Determine your Liquid Specific Gravity - Ratio of Mass of liquid to mass of equal volume of water Step 2: Select a float material...

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Whitman Value WHITMAN VALUE High Quality Switches, Fully Customizable, with an Unrelenting Focus on Superior Service Whitman Controls has been a leader in the pressure, vacuum, and liquid level switch industry for over 40 years. The Whitman Value is built on our differentiated offering of high quality switches, and the ability to deliver product to EXACT customer specifications in two weeks or less. Off the shelf switches limit an application’s functionality and versatility - Why choose a competitor switch that results in inferior performance? We take into account your application and media...

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