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Compound Switches P100C Switch High Accuracy Compound OVERVIEW The Whitman Controls P100C High Accuracy Compound Switches are ideal in applications where precision of setpoint must be high and repeatability low. These switches are commonly used in natural gas well heads, natural gas generator sets, and air applications like forced draft blowers. The P100C can be used both in dry indoor applications or within an enclosure. • Highly accurate setpoints and repeatability • Versatile with the ability to operate in positive and negative pressure ranges • Set point options: Factory set, field adjustable, or a combination • Extensive operating temperature range • Wide range of electrical interfaces available • SPDT or SPST availability SPECIFICATIONS • Set Point Range: Vacuum to 6,000 PSIG Gage • Max System Pressure: 15 PSIG • Temperature Range: -65oF to +190oF (-54oC to +88oC) • Amps: 5 Amps Max • Sensor Element: Diaphragm • Weight: 7.8oz (varies slightly with electrical interface selection) • Cycling: Not to exceed 20 CPM • Wetted Parts: Diaphragm: Buna N with 316 stainless steel reinforcing Sealing Compound: Loctite #271 Body: Anodized aluminum Standard Thread: ⅛-27 NPT male SENSOR CODE AND PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS Table A SENSOR CODE SENSOR CODE MAXIMUM SYSTEM PRESSURE* PSIG 15.0 - Table B SET POINT RANGE SET POINT REPEATABILITY PSIG ± 0.03 - MAXIMUM SYSTEM VACUUM *Exceeding sensor capacity may cause shift in set point CAUTION: Customer Media and environment must be compatible with construction materials as outlined above 2018 Product C

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Part Number Construction All Pressure, Vacuum and Compound Switch Models Except P88, P90, P95 Model Number P100G, P119G, J205G Additional Options See Page 66 Consult Factory Sensor Code See Table A on Switch Model Page Special Wire Length 12” is Standard, 24 = 24” Total Set Point Options C = Customer Set, Field Adjustable K = Factory Set, Field Adjustable F = Factory Set, Non-Adjustable Electrical Interface Options See Page 67 Electrical Amperage See Page 66 Contact Selection 1 = SPST 2 = SPDT P88 Pressure, Vacuum, Compound Switches Model Number P88 Electrical Interface Options See Page 67...

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Electrical Switch Selection Tables ALL MODELS EXCEPT P88, P90 & P95 Above switches are SPDT but may be used as SPST. 25 Amp switch available on codes 4, 5, & 6 only. For dry circuitry, i.e. 5VDC-50 rnA or less, use gold contact switch (Code .1 or 1). If less than 20mA, performance of electrical swtich will be environmentally dependent. II there is some form of contamination (dust, dirt, oil, chemical residue, etc.) at point of contact, the electrical switch could perform intermittently, as there would be Insufficient current to burn off any possible contamination.

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Optional Electrical Interfaces Available for Models For L and U Electrical Interfaces 2 or 3 wire pigtail furnished in 12” length Standard-supplied #20 AWG Insulated with polyvinyl chloride - 300 volts. COLOR CODE: Black - Common White-N.O. Red - N.C. T Standard soldertype terminals also accept AMP 60789-2 and 60598-4 Pin Receptacles TS Three flat barterminals with #6-32 pan head screws at right angle TB 3 standard 1/4” terminals a cce pt a rc- less (o r eq u a l) female quick connect terminals □ N DIN Male Plug “F” Set Only Except “C”, “K” & “F” Set on P605 Series Units DN Pin-out: 1 =...

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Optional Parts Popular Options: • SPECIFIC RESET POINT RANGE –(Calibrated Switch) Most models can be obtained with a variety of fittings. Some common fittings are shown below. Please specify when ordering. • PIGTAILS – Standard, Non-jacketed (“L” Interface) 12” long included in price, longer lengths available 18 AWG, 20 AWG Wire in various colors • PIGTAIL WITH PVC JACKET (“L” Interface) 12” length, longer lengths available • UL and/or CSA – Consult Factory Some product is covered by UL-CSA approval under the following file numbers: UL E 109178 – CSA LR62173 – P88, P117, W117, P119, J205....

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Set Point Adjustments and Wiring Instructions SET POINT ADJUSTMENTS PRESSURE SET POINT ADJUSTMENT MODEL P88 K OR C SET The standard field adjustable versions of the Guardian P/V Model P88 are easily adjusted throughout the prescribed pressure range by aligning the top of the knurled adjusting nut with the desired pressure setting indicated on the adjacent range scale. PRESSURE SWITCHES PRESSURE SET POINT ADJUSTMENT-JAM NUT STYLE ADJUSTING RING MODELS P100, P117, W117, P119, J205, J705 -K OR C SET. The K & C designs are readily adjustable throughout their prescribed range by loosening the...

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Whitman Value WHITMAN VALUE High Quality Switches, Fully Customizable, with an Unrelenting Focus on Superior Service Whitman Controls has been a leader in the pressure, vacuum, and liquid level switch industry for over 40 years. The Whitman Value is built on our differentiated offering of high quality switches, and the ability to deliver product to EXACT customer specifications in two weeks or less. Off the shelf switches limit an application’s functionality and versatility - Why choose a competitor switch that results in inferior performance? We take into account your application and media...

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