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Technical Documentation DSG-111-U DSG-111-P Digital demand value module, alternatively with power output stage

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- with ±10 V differential output or 4… 20 mA output, analogue input, bit pattern inputs for recalling 16 preset command values and linking functionality for the inputs. - with integrated power output stage up to 2,6 A (see additional information) - 4 digital selectable demand values, adjustable via potentiometers. - 8 digital demand values, with integrated power stage up to 2,6 A. 1.2 Scope of supply The scope of supply includes the module plus the terminal blocks which are part of the housing. The Profibus plug, interface cables and further parts which may be required should be ordered...

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1.4 Symbols used General information Safety-related information 1.5 Using this documentation Structure of the documentation: The standard product is descibed up to chapter 6. The extensions like POWER STAGE or SSI-INTERFACE are described in the chapters ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH Gewerbering 31 D-41372 Niederkrüchten Tel.: Fax.: Home page: EMAIL: www.w-e-st.de or www.west-electronics.com info@w-e-st.de The data and characteristics described herein serve only to describe the product. The user is required to evaluate this data and to check suitability for the particular...

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1.7 Safety instructions Please read this document and the safety instructions carefully. This document will help to define the product area of application and to put it into operation. Additional documents (WPC-300 for the start-up software) and knowledge of the application should be taken into account or be available. General regulations and laws (depending on the country: e. g. accident prevention and environmental protection) must be complied with. These modules are designed for hydraulic applications in open or closed-loop control circuits. Uncontrolled movements can be caused by device...

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2 Characteristics This electronic module was designed to control hydraulic proportional valves. 16 programmable demand values and relating ramp times are selectable by four digital switching inputs (binary coded). Alternative a 4Q-ramp can be parameterized. The ramp generator is realized with optional jerk limitation allows flexible adjustments depending on the applications and soft behavior. A programmable function allows linking the analogue input signal and the internal demand values together. Adaptable to nearly all proportional valves by deadband compensation as step function for...

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2.1 Compatibility As a result of further developments some smaller changes have to be taken in consideration. Functionality: 1. Downward compatible to the older modules. 2. 100 % wiring compatible. 3. Baud rate: The default baud rate has changed from 9600 baud to 57600 baud. This is adaptable in WPC-300: OPTIONS/SETTINGS/INTERFACE. FIXBAUDRATE = 57600 and/or AUTO BAUDRATE DETECTION = 57600 4. Technical enhancements: a. Programmable analogue output: simplifies stock-keeping because only one version (U instead A and I) is necessary. b. Process data assimilation: Digital command values are...

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2.2 Device description Standard module – for the P-Version look at point 7.2 Made in Germany Date: Add.: ID: V: W.E.ST. Elektronik D-41372 Niederkrüchten Homepage: http://www.w-e-st.de Typenschild und Anschlussbelegung Type plate and terminal pin assignment W.E.ST. Ready Klemmblöcke (steckbar) Terminals (removable)

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3 Use and application 3.1 Installation instructions This module is designed for installation in a shielded EMC housing (control cabinet). All cables which lead outside must be screened; complete screening is required. It is also necessary to avoid strong electro-magnetic interference sources being installed nearby when using our open and closed loop control modules. Typical installation location: 24 V control signal area (close to PLC) The devices must be arranged in the control cabinet so that the power section and the signal section are separate from each other. Experience shows that the...

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3.2 Typical system structure This minimal system consists of the following components: (*1) (*2) (*3) (*4) Proportional valve (or control valve): the valve type determines the precision. It is expedient to use control valves with integrated electronics. Hydraulic cylinder DSG-111-U control module Interface to PLC with analogue and digital signals 3.3 Method of operation This module can be used as a universal demand signal generator for different applications. The activation of the internal programmed demand values can be realized by the binary inputs. Alternatively, the activation of the...

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Install the device in accordance with the circuit diagram. Ensure it is wired correctly and that the signals are well shielded. The device must be installed in a protective housing (control cabinet or similar). Switching on for the first time Ensure that no unwanted movement is possible in the drive (e. g. switch off the hydraulics). Connect an ammeter and check the current consumed by the device. If it is higher than specified, there is an error in the wiring. Switch the device off immediately and check the wiring. Once the power input is correct, the PC (notebook) should be connected to...

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4 Technical description 4.1 Input and output signals Connection Power supply (see technical data) Analogue signals Analogue command value (WA), range -10… 10 V or 4… 20 mA, scalable 10V reference voltage output Valve control signal. Signal range of +/- 10V or 4… 20mA. Type of signal and polarity can be selected by the parameter SIGNAL:U. Digital inputs and outputs Enable input: Generally enabling of the application. S-valid input: When DSEL = OFF the selected value of the bit pattern is taken over when setting this input from low to high. Switching inputs: Binary coded selection of one of...

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DSG-111-*-2030 Commands: - LG - MODE (Expert or Standard) - DSEL - EOUT (Error Mode) - RMODE Control program Command values Commands: INPUT:W AIN:W Input Selektor Commands: - SIGNAL:U - MIN:A and :B - MAX:A and :B - TRIGGER Output Adaptation USB in RS 232C Emulation (9600… 57600 Baud, 1 Stoppbit, no parity, Echo Mode) Internal Power Differential Input

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