Poppet check valve MCV-08-P


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机能符号 Symbol 技术参数 Specifications · 工作压 力 Operating Pressure 250BAR · 流量 Flow 20LPM · 内泄漏 Internal Leakage 2drop/min · 温度 Temperature -40°C to +120°(-40°F to+250°F) · 插孔 Cavity 08-2 see page · 流体 Fluids Mineral-based fluids with viscosities of 7.4 to 420 cSt. 产品特性 Featues 压力降 PRESSURE DROP psi(bar) ·硬化处理,零件耐久性强 Handened ,precison ground paet for durability ·工业通用插孔 Indestry common cavity ·紧凑的结构 Compact size ·低泄露 Low leakage 压 力-流量 性能 曲线 Performance Curve Pressure Drop vs.Flow

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应用领域 AP P L I CATI ON ARE A · 传输、发动机和动 力传动 控制 Transmission, engine and powertrain control · 建筑和道路建设设 备 Building and road construction equipment · 农业和园林机械 Agricultural and garden machinery · 林业和资源管理设 备 Forestry and resource management equipment · 废弃物处理设备 Waste disposal

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安装尺寸 INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS 订购型号 Order Type Ⅱ. 阀 块材 质 BODY MATERIAL A=6061-T6铝 耐 压强 度207Bar 6061- T6 aluminum alloy rated at 207Bar S=钢 材 耐压强 度350Bar steel rated at 350Bar

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