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Pilot-operated check valve MCOHA series - 1

机能符号 Symbol Pilot Check Valve 技术参数 Specifications ·工 作压 力 Operating Pressure 350BAR ·流 量 Flow 320L/min ·先 导比 Pliot Ratio 1.8:1 ·内 泄漏 Internal Leakage 0.07ml/min.max.at operating pressure ·温 度 Temperature -30°C to +120°(-22°F to+250°F) ·插 孔 Cavity T-17A ·流 体 Fluids Mineral-based fluids with viscosities of 7.4 to 420 cSt. ·名义先导比为1.8:1。这意味着先导压力为1000psi(70bar),可以 抵消1800psi(125bar)的1口压力。不管先导压力衰退或者消失,即 便是非常短暂,阀亦会打开。 Nominal pilot ratio is 1.8:1. This means that a pressure of 1000 psi (70 bar) at the pilot port will close a valve against a pressure of 1800 psi (125 bar) at port 1. Any decay or loss of pilot pressure could allow the valve to open, even if it is a momentary decay or loss. ·2口的压力直接反作用于先导压力。 Pressure at the port 2 area directly opposes pilot pressure. ·在任何情况下,反向流量从2口流向1口都是不可能的。 Reverse flow through the valve from port 2 to port 1 is not possible under any condition. 产品特性 Features 压力降 PRESSURE DROP psi(bar) 压力-流量性能曲 线 Performance Curve Pressure Drop vs.Flow

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Pilot-operated check valve MCOHA series - 2

安装尺寸 INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS 订购型号 Order Type Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅰ. 调 节方 式 adjustment X=不 可调整 Nonadjustable Ⅱ. 开 启压力 Cracking Pressure A=4psi(0.3bar) B=15psi(1bar) C=30psi(2bar) D=50psi(3.5bar) E=75psi(5bar) F=100psi(7bar) G=150psi(10.5bar) Z=1psi(0.07bar) Ⅲ. 油 封 Seal-Kits N=丁腈橡 胶 Buna N V=氟 橡 胶 Viton Ⅳ. 阀块 材质 BODY MATERIAL A=6061- T6铝 耐 压 强度207Bar 6061-T6 aluminum alloy rated at 207Bar S=钢材 耐 压 强度350Bar steel rated at 350Bar

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Pilot-operated check valve MCOHA series - 3

应用领域 AP P L I CATI ON ARE A · 传输、发动机和动 力传动 控制 Transmission, engine and powertrain control · 建筑和道路建设设 备 Building and road construction equipment · 农业和园林机械 Agricultural and garden machinery · 林业和资源管理设 备 Forestry and resource management equipment · 废弃物处理设备 Waste disposal

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