TWS 2250HD Well Service Pump


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TWS 2250HD Well Service Pump The TWS 2250HD is a high-powered triplex plunger pump design. The pump has undergone extensive testing and analysis following continual product improvement initiatives resulting in a greater rod load capacity compared to its previous version. The TWS 2250HD is available in multiple plunger sizes offering impressive flow rate as well as high pressure potential and can be customized with various features to be utilized in a variety of pumping operations.

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TWS 2250HD Well Service Pump - 2

TWS 2250HD Performance Specs (1,641 Kw) Max Brake Horsepower: 2,250 BHP Max Rod Load Capacity: 238,570 lbf (108,214 kg) Stroke Length: (203.2 mm) 8 Inches Gear Ratio: 6.353 : 1 Approx. Length: Approx. Width: Approx. Height: Approx. Weight (Dry): DISPLACEMENT AT PUMP STROKES PER MINUTE / PINION RPM Pump dimensions are approximate. For full detailed drawings, please contact Weir SPM Engineering. TWS 2250HD Performance Data 1, 2 PLUNGER DIAMETER 89.8 Inches 59.8 Inches 44.3 Inches 11,750 lb 1 Based on 90% ME and 100% VE - Intermittent Service Only. 2 Pumps with pressures in excess of 15,000...

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