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SPM® Automated Relief Valve Control (A.R.C.) System Oil & Gas Design Features and System Benefits • Simplified, accurate setting reduces valve chattering, extending life • Recalibration without full system shutdown • Advanced notice of low nitrogen pressure • UL tested electronic components • PSI to MPa units toggle • Adjustable reaction time The SPM® A.R.C. system provides an accurate and convenient method for operating the line of SPM® nitrogen relief valves. By using a remote electronic control system to regulate the nitrogen input to the valve, service companies can further improve pumping efficiency while limiting personnel exposure to pressurized zones. Operators can calibrate the system’s sequencing pressure safely and accurately with the touch screen panel located away from the flow line even while pumping operations are ongoing. This system offers fast calibration with the ability to span and zero out the transducer. The user-friendly interface contains visual warnings and audible alarms indicating low nitrogen input, lost system pressure, or lost power. A 30-minute backup battery will operate in the event of a primary power source failure, and the valve will default to the open position should total power loss occur. If shutdown becomes necessary, an emergency dump valve button is located on the user interface to manually open the relief valve. Weir Oil & Gas 601 Weir Way Fort Worth, TX 76108 USA Copyright © 2016 S.P .M. Flow Control, Inc. SPM is a trademark and/or registered trademark of S.P .M. Flow Control, Inc.; WEIR and WEIR logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Weir Engineering Services Limited.

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