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Weir SPM: Product Bulletin Weir Oil & Gas 7601 Wyatt Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76108 USA Competitor Manifold Trailer Safety Iron® Retrofit Weir SPM’s Safety Iron® “hybrid” integral connections have successfully been retrofitted into customers’ existing manifold trailers as a solution to competitors’ components cracking. Background to the damaging effects of vibration due Recently, customers reported to Weir to the robust Safety Iron® design which SPM that they began witnessing cracks utilizes greater wall thickness in key in traditional hammer union connection areas, and more contact surface area components utilized in the high- pressure lines on manifold trailers manufactured by our competitors. These cracks can be associated with the hard mounting styles of the competitor’s trailers, and the hammer union style connections that are more susceptible to fatigue fractures due to side loading and vibration. To date, retrofit “kits” have been sold to multiple customers. Initial reports from these customers state that after continued use, no further problems have been witnessed with the Safety Iron® integral connections. Weir SPM is now promoting its Engineering expertise to help customers determine how the “hybrid” integral connections can benefit their Solution Due to the current economic climate, customers have been hesitant to invest in new trailers or complete changeover maintenance from hammer union units to Safety Iron®. Yet, these customers are seeking more effective and longer lasting assets in order to cut costs. In response, Weir SPM has seen great success in offering “hybrid” Safety Iron® integral connections (tees or laterals) that utilize mixed-style branches (see Figure 1) to retrofit into existing trailers. These hybrid components have shown to be more resistant 1 existing inventory.

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Safety Iron Connection Safety Iron* connections have a greater surface contactarea tora much more stable connection compared to hammer union seals. Safety Iron" flanges are also more robust with larger sweeping radii for additionaI strength and vibration Lang s ■;■■•>: radii Traditional Hammer Union Connection Hammer union connections are limited toonyone contact seal surface, greaty reducing the integrity of the connection. Hammer unions, with their thinner wall section at vital points and higher stress areas due to the jagged grooves of the threads, are more susceptible to damage as a...

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