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Weir precision measurement technology ۰ ۰ ۰ ۰ ۰ ۰ alignments leveling bore verification flatness parallelism surface deformation Greatly reduced time with superior accuracy! Laser Tracker

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Gearbox bore alignment - During overhaul, boring tools are aligned prior to boring to ensure that bores are set precisely parallel with each other and to the correct spacing. Measurements taken from outside the gearcase housing Measurements taken from inside the gearcase housing Portable Articulating Arm and Laser Tracker

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Precision Measurement Tech. - 3

The ultimate portable CMM! Our arm’s ± .013 mm (± .0005”) accuracy renders traditional CMMs, hand tools and other portable inspection equipment obsolete. We can now inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-part analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies with previously unheard of precision. When you partner that accuracy with its adaptable 3-D measurement technology and customized SoftCheck Tools (with or without CAD), it is ideal for forming, molding, fabricating, casting and assembly facilities needing basic 3D measurements. Most common applications Aerospace: alignment, tooling and...

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Precision Measurement Tech. - 4

Xtreme measurement range! Our Laser Tracker is a portable, contact measurement system that uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. It has a 70m (230 ft.) range, achieves 0.025mm (0.001”) 3-D single-point accuracy, and is rugged enough for the shop-floor environment. The system measures 3-D coordinates with its laser by following a mirrored spherical probe. The system can run in two modes: XtremeADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) and Interferometer; making it the most accurate and flexible measuring tool. Most...

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Precision Measurement Tech. - 5

Dimensional inspection of hydro electric power equipment Shaft straightness and rotor face run out are checked quickly and with great precision. The bearing journal is checked for roundness and concentricity to shaft centerline. Equipment distortion check The flange of this gas turbine exhaust support cone is checked for face parallelism, bore alignment and roundness. Pumps in series – discharge and intake alignment The pump positions are adjusted to ensure flange parallelism after being levelled. This will enable pipe spools to fit precisely, reducing the potential for damaging pipe stress.

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Call us today Toronto 1180 Aerowood Drive Mississauga, ON L4W 1Y5 T (905) 625-7202 F (905) 624-0097 Edmonton 4737, 97th Street Edmonton, AB T6E 5W2 T (780) 438-1122 F (780) 437-5218 Calgary 2715, 18th Street N.E. Calgary, AB T2E 7E6 T (403) 250-7000 F (403) 250-2032 Fort St. John 10508, 89th Avenue Fort St. John, BC V1J 5P9 T (250) 785-6627 F (250) 785-4501 Montreal 8600 St. Patrick Street LaSalle, QB H8N 1V1 T (514) 366-5907 F (514) 366-2067 Houston 920 Seaco Ave. Deer Park, TX 77536 T (832) 200-6220 Fw (832) 200-6227

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