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Novatech® Full Open Valves and Seats Oil & Gas Features and Benefits • Low cost and superior performance • Urethane is poured directly around machined serrations to anchor the insert to the valve • Process adds no additional stresses to the insert • Increased resistance to abrasion and extrusion • Minimizes insert movement, leakage and separation from valve • Manufactured as a one-piece valve body for enhanced strength over those with an independent retainer plate Novatech® valves are manufactured by combining the advantages of a forged alloy steel upper body to enhance impact strength, with the advantages of precision casting to minimize flow restrictions and fluid turbulence. Key to its performance is the patented Novatech® Cast-N-Place™ insert design that locks it in place and minimizes stress by molding the insert around the serrations to assure quick sealing with the seat. Additionally, the full open seat technology maintains uniform contact area to reduce the occurrence of premature washouts and extend the life of fluid ends. Valve Testing Weir employs a strategy of continuous improvements for its valve and seat product line, and as improvements are validated, they are rolled out to our customers. • Heat-treat carburizing with a deep hardware case Novatech® well service valves and seats are manufactured to quality control standards that include: • CNC machining for exact dimensional tolerance control • Full metallurgical laboratory tests on every furnace load • Seat tapers that are gauge inspected to meet pump manufacturer’s exact dimensional specifications Weir Oil & Gas 601 Weir Way Fort Worth, TX 76108 USA Copyright © S.P .M. Flow Control, Inc. 2016. All rights reserved. NOVATECH is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Novatech, LLC; CAST-N-PLACE is a trademark of Novatech, LLC; WEIR is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Weir Engineering Services Limited. Certain aspects of the Cast-N-PlaceTM feature referred to in this document are protected by patents pending and granted in the name of Novatech, LLC.

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