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table.main {} tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:11.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:12.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font2 { font:13.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font3 { font:14.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font4 { font:16.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font5 { font:15.00pt "Georgia", serif; } .font6 { font:12.00pt "Trebuchet MS", sans-serif; } Excellent Oil & Cas Solutions Grooveless Fluid End ai h cas Weir SPM Offers a Grooveless Fluid End Designed to Provide Extended Product Life in Harsh Pumping Environments Through the Utilization of Creater Material in Critical Points. Numerous models of Weir SPM well service pumps have traditionally featured a fluid end utiliring a "wing style" valve stop which is locked in place through grooves machined into the suction bore. This "wing style* fluid end has performed very well for many years. However, through Weir SPM performance studies, )t was determined that during harsh environmenl oprations, the 'wmg style* fluid end was susceptible to wash occurring in the grooves machined in the suction bore. Hororing a commitmentto continuai improvement practices across ail of its product lines, Weir SPM designed a new style of fluid cylinder that limin驢tes the grooves machined in the suction bore This new design is intended to greatly reduce the opportunity for wash to occur, ultimatety extending product life without sacrificing performance. The Grooveless Fluid End utilises a new style of valve stop that locks under a ridge in the top of the suction bore and into the suction cover. The valve stop is easily installed wth the use of a valve stop installation tool. The Grooveless FlukJ End style is recommended for use In ail hgh-horsepower pump models, partkularly pumps running in harsh pumping environments, such as tight shale fracturing opﯩrations. Realizing that some customers may prefer to continue utlizing the 'wing style" flijd cylinder, Weir SPM wll continue offering this model as well as its expendable components parts, in addition to the Grooveless Fluid End design. The trodittonal "wipg tfyH" ffHf qtnj uses a grooved suction bore to foc* the voke stop in place. This groove reduces material h key locations possbty leading to cracks in the cyXnder tkjring the mature phase ot its We cycle. Beneftts of the Grooveless Fluid End Design: Reduces the rծsk of washout problems through the limination of the suction bore groove. Pr镩vention of stress cracks whkh have a greater tendency to start in the grooves. Allows for increased pumping durations, pressures and flow rates. Օ Extended product Irfe in harsh pumping environmen*. Product Avallablllty: Plunqer SI» Pump Model_ 4 W - 5* TWS 2250 & QWS 2500 (Ctassk & SD) 5 W - 6* TWS 2250 & QWS 2500 (Classic & SD) 6W-6 W TWS 2250 S QWS 2500 (Classic & SD) Note: Other pump models are availaWe. Please contact Weir SPM Sales for more dtala Weir SPM 7601 Wyatt Drive Fort Worth TX 76108 USA Tel: (817)246 2461 Fax (817)246 6324 Weir SPM's rawroovckii Fluid End eiimhates the groove in the fkiid cySnder by repbcing the oid "wtng style* valve stop The new vob/e stop design locks under a ridge in the fluid cylinder bore and is held in place through a stem on the suction cover. © 2008 Weir SPM VI05/08

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