FLOWAY® PUMPS Vertical Turbine Pumps - Mining and mineral processing - 12 Pages

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FLOWAY® PUMPS Vertical Turbine Pumps - Mining and mineral processing

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FLOWAY® PUMPS Vertical Turbine Pumps Mining and mineral processing Excellent Minerals Solutions

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Meeting customer specifications is simply the first step in delivering whole life cycle performance. From design and installation, through service, maintenance and upgrade, we ensure continuity of excellence. Weir Minerals Floway Pumps are committed to providing a strong technological and engineering resource dedicated to minimizing downtime and preventing disruption to the customer’s operation. Floway® Pump’s product reliability reduces downtime and keeps the routine replacement of parts to a minimum. Our qualified staff ensures the design and manufacturing quality is accurate to...

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We can increase that benefit by offering a range of complementary products conducive to our portfolio of branded pumps. By using Weir Minerals valves, mill-liners and cyclones in conjunction with pumps, customers can consolidate maintenance and service programmes, reducing the frequency of interruptions to production. • Entire manufacturing process controlled at our facility • Commitment to extending operating life and efficiency • Customer-focused product development • Worldwide network of support Typical Services Process Pumps — Pumps that move solutions throughout the mining processes...

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Floway® Pumps is dedicated to manufacturing pumps with industry leading low vibration levels. Optional features: • Premium machined and balanced motor • Specially toleranced motor coupling machined by Floway® Pumps • Jacking posts for precise motor/pump shaft alignment • Impellers balanced per API 610 • Reduced run-out on motor base 1: Machining discharge head 2: Super duplex impellers Through continuous improvements to materials, product design, engineering and manufacturing, we minimize downtime and reduce the risk of disruption to our customers' operations. Wear/corrosion resistant...

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Welding and fabrication Weir Minerals Floway Pumps utilizes in-house fabrication staffed with welders certified to ASME Code Section IX on all listed materials. Performance testing A major engineering function of any pump manufacturer is hydraulic performance testing under a variety of operational conditions. Testing ensures that pump performance matches specifications and that all components are operating properly. Testing and analysis capabilities include: • Three testing pits for flows to 45,000 GPM (10,220 m3/hr) • Hydrostatic testing equipment for pressures to 5,000 PSI (345 Bars) •...

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Weir Minerals is at the forefront of the industry in developing a truly global supply capability. This enables us to provide major minerals producers worldwide with consistent products and standards of service. For customers with operations in diverse regions, the operational advantages of global supply are clear. Standardized processes permit the transfer of best practice. Efficiencies realized on one site can be repeated elsewhere. As customers move their people around the world, they will encounter familiar equipment and processes, and be able to call on the same team for technical...

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At the same time, all our customers require rapid response, on-site support from someone who understands the local conditions. Weir Minerals’ geographical footprint plays a major role in establishing our closeness with customer operations. Our business model allows us to service global and local customers simultaneously, effectively. By centralizing shared functions such as materials research, testing, purchasing, marketing and administration, we are able to support regional and local engineering. “The mining industry is characterized by large scale, complex operations in remote and...

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Weir Minerals has an advanced product range incorporating market leading brands covering virtually any application, in any environment. Our products account for 19% of market share worldwide. We own a valuable portfolio of intellectual property, which is continually being expanded through research and development in materials and technology to enhance the wear life of our products. As a result, our global leadership in mining pump applications is combined with innovative designs in an extensive product range of mill liners, hydrocyclones and slurry valves. Meeting the needs of customers...

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WARMAN® Centrifugal Slurry Pumps GEHO® PD Slurry Pumps LINATEX® Rubber Products VULCO® Wear Resistant Linings CAVEX® Hydroclones FLOWAY® PUMPS Vertical Turbine Pumps ISOGATE® Slurry Valves MULTIFLO® Mine Dewatering Solutions HAZLETON® Specialty Slurry Pumps LEWIS® PUMPS Vertical Chemical Pumps WEIR MINERALS SERVICES™ Customer Profile Our customers range from the world's largest minerals and mining multinationals to single site coal producers. Weir Minerals capability supports an array of customer specifications with products easily adaptable to meet specific process requirements. We build...

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The Floway® Vertical Mining Pump - VMP Series • Pump configuration - vertically suspended close coupled single or multi- staged turbine within a closed suction system. Liquid Handled - Water, Raffinate, PLS, Thickener, Tailings, Brine, & Other Various Mining Applications Pressure - Wet Pit to 1,500 PSI (100 bars) and Barrel Can to 3,000 PSI (200 Bars) Drivers - Engine and gear drive, electric motor with or without thrust pot, used with or without a VFD VMP Wet Pit and Barrel Can design features Floway® Coverage Chart 50Hz 2 Pole 4 Pole 6 Pole 8 Pole Floway® Coverage Chart 60Hz 1000 2 Pole 4...

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The Floway® vertical turbine pump is specially designed to reduce vibration levels and improve corrosive and abrasive resistance. Vertical motor with solid shaft medium thrust construction VMP - Wet Pit (VS1) Flexible coupling spacer for ease of thrust bearing and mechanical seal removal VMP - Barrel/Can (VS6) Coupling guards Thrust Bearing - Tandem DB angular contact for continuous up and down extends mechanical seal life Constant level oil and guard Discharge head Sleeve mounted mechanical seal Shaft lateral adjusting nut for impeller lift Oil temperature gauge. Throttle bearing provides...

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