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Design working pressure Hydrotest pressure Since the foundation of the company in 1897, Pompe Gabbioneta has been engaged in design and manufacture of high quality centrifugal pumps. The products and the markets served progressively changed from water to chemical industry and finally, in the last thirty years, to API 610 heavy duty pumps for refinery and petrochemical industries. The product development is based on a thorough interchange of marketing and operating experience within the company and in close cooperation with project and plant engineers. The manufacturing is made in a factory equipped with several modern cnc machines and machine tools, special note has to be given to the machining centers where pump casings can be machined completely with only two settings. In house facilities are designed to meet the performance and NPSH testing requirements of all pumps manufactured in the company in full compliance with API 610 standards. A quality assurance system certified in accordance with ISO 9001 is granting the achievement of highest quality for manufactured pumps. AHP/AHP-DS LINE AHP/AHP-DS LINE Operating data General informations The AHP AHP-DS line heavy duty process pumps are multistage, horizontally split, diffuser type with single or double entry 1st stage impeller, fully designed according to latest edition of API 610 Std. Pump components geometry optimised through hydraulic, structural, thermal and dynamic F.E.M. analysis lead to an high product reliability. The “modular design” philosophy permits to cover a wide range of applications replacing the main hydraulic components i.e. only impeller/diffuser. Casing, shaft, mechanical seals, bearing frames result therefore fully interchangeable and reusable. A wide range of sizes, number of stages and material combinations complete the variety of the offered product. Main design features are: Opposed impeller and diffuser configuration to minimise axial and radial hydraulic thrusts. Number of stages rangeable from 4 to 13. “Stiff shaft design”. Rotor operates below it’s 1st wet critical speed. Central and lateral balancing drums adequately shaped to optimise pump rotordynamic behaviour. Side-Side suction and discharge nozzles integrally cast on lower casing half. Near centerline casing mounting for high temperature stability. Contoured grafoil or glassfiber gasket to assure joint between casing halves and eliminate interstage leakages. Deep stuffing boxes, designed in accordance to API 682 Std., suitable to accept any type of mechanical or packing seals. Labyrinths and deflectors at either bearing housing to maximise protection against dirt. Three bearings arrangements available: 1. Ball Radial / Ball Thrust 2. Sleeve Radial / Ball Thrust 3. Sleeve Radial / Tilting Pads Thrust (Kingsbury Type). Main pumps applications refer to heavy duties on: ■ fluid transport ■ refineries ■ petrochemical plants ■ boiler feedwater and power plant auxiliaries ■ water injection ■ reverse osmosis AHP/AHP DS line at 2980 Rpm and higher speeds POMPE GABBIONETA Inc 17 South Briar Hollow Ln., Ste 207 Houston Texas 77027 Telephone 001.713.3554900 Telefax 001.713.3556200 e-mail: wcat20@aol.com e-mail: pompe.gabbioneta@pompegabbioneta.com http://www.pompegabbioneta.com R.I. MI n.° 90297/1999 REA MI n° 1584044 Codice Fiscale 12759010155 Partita IVA - VAT IT 02894200969 Easy internal inspectability and maintenance. Registered Office: Viale Gramsci 79 Headquarters: Viale Casiraghi 68 20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI Italy Telephone +39 02.241001 r.a. Telefax +39 02.2424550 Hydraulic performances checked on a Single Stage Test Equipment. This is particulary useful to verify the effective 1st stage NPSH. Coverage chart Large eye single suction or double suction 1st stage impeller to meet low NPSH requirements. Rotational speed

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ball ball sleeve ball Replaceable stuffing box cooling or heating jackets. Double shaft extension. Cylindrical fit at coupling shaft end. De-staged construction. Casing guidekeys for high temperature application; over 120°C (250°F). Special bearing isolators at either bearing housing ends. In addition the following pump designs can be provided: Design variations General notes 1. All dimensions are in mm. Do not use for construction unless certified. 2. Minimum flange rating on casing nozzles - ANSI 600 #. Counterclockwise rotation (standard) AHP/AHP-DS Line overall dimensions sleeve...

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