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Minerals Linatex® Rubber Products

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Linatex® Premium Rubber is a unique combination of the strength and resilience of natural rubber, enhanced by our twenty-first century manufacturing expertise.

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The Linatex® rubber range provides unmatched wear performance in the toughest abrasion environments. At Weir Minerals our rubber experts are acknowledged around the world as the foremost authority in the use of premium natural rubber for abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance. With a history dating back to the first processing of commercial rubber in Malaysia, Bernard Wilkinson’s invention of Linatex® rubber in the 1920s revolutionised the industry. Linatex® premium rubber is a proprietary vulcanised natural gum rubber, produced through a unique compounding process, using high quality...

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Linatex® rubber products have been developed to meet the demanding performance requirements of a variety of industries. Our scientists continue to develop new and improved materials, helping us to deliver unparalleled value and performance. Sheet Rubber Our global presence combined with our vast experience across a variety of industries allows us to confidently provide a complete solution to your needs. The Linard® range has been developed for applications where heavy duty impact and wear resistance is required. The Linagard® range of rubber products has been developed for applications...

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Lining and Fabricated Products The Linatex® rubber range is extremely versatile and suitable as protective lining for a variety of surfaces to minimise wear and corrosion of the base structure. Typical lining applications include: • Chute lining • Pipe lining • Vessel lining • Hose construction In addition to it’s versatility, Linatex® rubber products are lighter and more flexible than other wear liner materials such as steel and ceramics. This aids with installation, that can be completed at one of our many service centres or on site. Linatex® rubber can be bonded quickly and permanently...

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What Makes Linatex® Premium Rubber Better? Natural rubber is an outstanding abrasion resistant material, particularly for handling slurries. The inherent properties of strength, resilience and cut resistance have a direct effect on wear performance. Wear properties are at their best straight from the tree. The more work that is put into mixing the rubber, the more these properties are destroyed by the shearing and the breaking up of the long molecular chains. Conventional dry processing is based on shearing the rubber during mixing. This reduces the average molecular weight distribution and...

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Our commitment to our customers is simple - we aim to provide best-in-field performance and lowest cost of ownership. We do this by using the best quality natural rubber and by processing it with leading edge technology. Technology Benefits Linatex natural rubbers demonstrate exceptional performance over time in both wet and dry applications. The processing of natural rubber from natural latex encompasses two distinct operations. The compounding and coagulation of the latex into uncured rubber crepe, and the pressing and curing of the uncured rubber into finished sheets. The charts below...

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Selecting the Appropriate Rubber To select the most appropriate compound for an application, many factors need to be taken into account. Understanding the following factors is critical to making the right selection: Particle Size and Weight In order to achieve the best possible operating economy and the longest service life, it is usual to increase rubber thickness within certain limits to cope with larger and heavier particles. Impact of particles from increasing height also requires increased rubber thickness to absorb compressive forces. As the particle hits the surface, the rubber...

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Chemical Environment The temperature of the application in which the rubber will be used is important. The temperature limits of Linatex® rubber compounds vary. For example, natural rubbers are generally not recommended in applications above 70°C/158°F whereas synthetic , rubber compounds such as Linagard® BB and Linagard® NBR can be used in applications where temperatures exceed 100°C/212°F . Different rubber compounds exhibit varying degrees of resistance to chemicals. Natural rubber, for example, is unsuitable for use in contact with hydrocarbons. In this situation, Linagard® rubber is...

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Our engineering experts work closely with our global customer support and local service teams, creating an unrivalled support network to meet all of your unique needs. The Complete Solution Many companies may claim to provide a rubber solution, however we deliver on this claim. We have over 90 years experience in the production, testing and application of rubber products into many industries. As both a supplier and applicator of our rubber products, we take full responsibility for all facets of the lining project. We appreciate that the correct application of rubber is just as critical to...

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Linatex® Rubber Range Technical Specifications Linatex® Premium Rubber Comparison of Typical Physical Properties PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions and sizes indicated in this brochure are for reference only. Please contact your Weir Minerals representative for more inform

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Linatex® Premium Rubber Technical Specifications Proven superior abrasion resistance Design Features • Proven superior performance in fine slurry abrasion • xcellent resistance to cutting E and tearing • igh resilience and low modulus H • esistance to a wide range R of chemicals Applications The uses of Linatex® premium rubber are almost unlimited: • ipe lining P It is our unique, proprietary manufacturing process that gives Linatex® premium rubber its extraordinary physical properties and outstanding performance. Our process, unlike other processes, causes minimal mechanical disturbance to...

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Linard® 60 Technical Specifications Design Features • Excellent anti-sticking and anti-build up properties • nsurpassed flexibility for a hard U rubber compound • xcellent resistance to cutting by E sharp-edged products • Good wet abrasion resistance Applications • Hose linings The resilient rubber for tough applications Linard® 60 rubber is a silica-reinforced natural rubber product uniquely designed to provide high resilience with good cut, tear and abrasion resistance. The development of Linard® 60 rubber specifically set out to produce a rubber that retains the natural strength and...

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